ㆍ Arachidonic acid promotes skin wound healing through induction of human MSC migration by MT3-MMP-mediated
    fibronectin degradation. / 오상엽, 2018, (지도교수 : 한호재)
ㆍ Evaluation of cortisol levels in dogs during animal-assisted interventions for children and people with intellectual
    disability(지적 장애인 및 어린이를 대상으로 한 동물매개중재에서의 개의 코티졸 레벨 측정) /
    김준, 2018, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍ Comparison of antimicrobial resistance and multilocus sequence types between methicillin-resistant and
    methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolated from dogs in veterinary hospitals in Korea /
    이찬희, 2018, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍ Fibroblast growth factor-1 as a mediator of paracrine effects of canine adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal
    stem cells on in vitro-induced insulin resistance models / 김현진, 2018, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Anti-Tumour Effects of Paclitaxel on Canine Osteosarcoma and Melanoma Cell Lines / 김수연, 2018, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Canine Mesenchymal Stem Cells Treated with TNF-α and IFN-γ Enhance Anti-inflammatory Effects Through the
    COX-2 / PGE2 Pathway / 양혜미, 2018, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Molecular characterization of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus schleiferi isolated from canine skin in Korea. /
    한대웅, 2018, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍ Subcellular localization of the voltage-gated potassium channel, the Kv3 subfamily, and Kv2.1 / 변진호, 2018,
    (지도교수 : 이소영)
ㆍ An optimized molecular method for influenza A virus detection by using improved generic primers and RNP 
    concentration / 김지운, 2018, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍ In-silico prediction and modeling of ApxA exotoxins of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae: ApxIA, -IIA, -IIIA and –IVA /
    오명환, 2018, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍ Determination of Tricuspid Regurgitation Velocity to Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Velocity Time Integral Ratio in Dogs
    with Pulmonary Hypertension / 김승지, 2018, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍ Low prevalence of mupirocin resistance in Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolates from canine pyoderma /
    박지형, 2018, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍ Computed tomographic evaluation of bronchial collapsibility during inspiration and expiration in clinically normal 
    dogs / 오다영, 2018, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍ Ultrasonographic Simple Assessment of Renal Structure Correlated with eGFR in Canine Chronic Kidney Disease /
    이시헌, 2018, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍ Computer-aided diagnostic model for swine lung lesions through image-based machine learning /
    이홍석, 2018, (지도교수 : 김용백)
ㆍ Esophageal Insufflation Computed Tomography in Normal dogs / 홍성균, 2018, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍ Clinical features and prognosis of corneal ulcers in dogs with chronic kidney disease / 최희연, 2017, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍ Altered Properties of Feline Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells During Continuous In Vitro Cultivation /
    이보연, 2017, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Effect of Gelatin on Osteogenic Cell Sheet Formation using Canine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells /
    김아영, 2017, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍ Different effects of Lace1 on white and brown adipogenic differentiation in vitro / 오지윤, 2017, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍ 말의 제엽염 진단에 유용한 혈장 생체지표 / 오다영, 2017, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍ Antitumor Effects of SB Injection, Extract from Phytopharmaceutical Preparations, in Canine Osteosarcoma
    and Melanoma Cell Lines / 권경, 2017, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Role of CCL4 and CCR5 during osteoclastogenesis of murine bone marrow-derived monocytes /
     이다빈, 2017, (지도교수 : 조제열)
ㆍ Effect of Gymnema sylvestre extract in high-fat diet induced metabolic disorders / 김현정, 2017, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍ Fluoroquinolone antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli isolated from swine feces in Korea /
    허윤성, 2017, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍ Usefulness of Saline Chaser to Reduce the Dose of Contrast Material for Abdominal CT in Normal Dogs
    (개의 복강 전산화단층촬영에서 조영제 양을 줄이기 위한 Saline Chaser 의 유용성) / 김혜진, 2017, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍ Immunomodulatory Effects of Soluble Factors Secreted by Feline Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells /
     채형규, 2017, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Ldlr 유전자가 제거된 마우스 모델에서 RELM-α 의한 당뇨성 동맥경화 감소효과 / 이유한, 2017, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍ Hepatic differentiation of human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells and adverse effects of arsanilic
     acid and acetaminophen during in vitro hepatic developmental stage / 권미정, 2017, (지도교수 : 조제열)
ㆍ Differentially expressed genes in prion protein conversion induced by trivalent iron / 김민선, 2017, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍ Cloning of the Gyeong-ju Donggyeong dog using trypsin treated cells during the primary culture /
    최유빈, 2017, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍ The role of succinate-induced DRP1-mediated mitochondrial fission in human mesenchymal stem cell migration /
    고소희, 2017, (지도교수 : 한호재)
ㆍ Biological and Biochemical Characterization of M2B Cells in Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Bovine Prion Protein /
    서태영, 2017, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍ "Single Port Retroperitoneoscopic Adrenalectomy in Dogs: An Experimental Study
    (개에서의 단일통로후복강경 부신절제술)" / 고종혁, 2017, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍ Intraocualr Pressure Measurement with a rebound tonometer (TonoVet®) in Normal pigeons /
    임재국, 2017, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍ 개 지방유래 중간엽 줄기세포를 이용하여 만든 동결보존 젤라틴 골분화 세포시트의 골 형성능 / 정태성, 2017, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍ 개 피질골 탈회가 지방유래 중간엽 줄기세포의 골분화에 미치는 영향 / 조광래, 2017, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍ 아메리칸 불리 품종의 교배 적기 판단을 위한 임상적 지표 연구 / 한상은, 2017, (지도교수 : 장구)
ㆍ Implication of PINK1 expression via melatonin-mediated MT2/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathway on high glucose-induced
    neuronal cell apoptosis / 사이캄, 2017, (지도교수 : 한호재)
ㆍ Evaluation of pruritus specific treatment with oclacitinib on skin barrier function in dogs with allergic dermatitis. /
    김현정, 2017, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍ Clinical Manifestations and Therapeutic Outcomes of Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome in Dogs:
     A Retrospective Study / 남택진, 2017, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍ Comparison of Corneal Thickness Measurements using Ultrasound Pachymetry, Ultrasound Biomicroscopy,
    and Digital Caliper in Frozen Canine Corneas / 정서우, 2017, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍ The Role of eIF2α-Upregulated PGE2 Production in Ethanol-Induced Amyloid-β Overproduction /
    아흐메드, 2017, (지도교수 : 한호재)
ㆍ Comparison of Polymer/Ceramic Composite Scaffolds for In Vitro Osteogenic Differentiation of Canine Mesenchymal
     Stem Cells / 류다은, 2016, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍ Role of voltage-gated potassium channel, Kv7.3 in osteoblast maturation and mineralization /
    양지은, 2016, (지도교수 : 이소영)
ㆍ Osteogenic Ability of Canine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Sheets in Relation to Culture Time /
    국민영, 2016, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍ Ecological Genetic Study on Yellow-throated Martens( Martes flavigula) in Jirisan National Park Inferred from
    Microsatellite Loci Analysis : Individual Identification, Relatedness and Abundance / 송의근, 2016, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍ Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence Profiles of Enterococcus spp. isolated from Horses
    and Horse-associated Environments in Korea / 김대호, 2016, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍ Antibiotic resistance patterns and genetic relatedness of Enterococcus faecalis and E. faecium isolated from
    military working dogs in Korea / 방기만, 2016, (지도교수 : 조성범)
ㆍ Effect of Preservative Free Tafluprost on intraocular pressure, pupil diameter, and anterior segment structures
    in normal canine eyes / 곽지윤, 2016, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍ Biochemical characterization of canine cytochrome P450 1A1 using recombinant expression /
    유희정, 2016, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍ Direct conversion of patient specific human neural stem cells from Niemann-Pick disease type C
     patient-derived fibroblasts / 성은아, 2016, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍ Dynamic computed tomography of the normal canine adrenal gland / 김성수, 2016, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍ Modified Intraglandular Sialography using Ultrasound-guided Contrast Injection in Normal Dogs /
    김수연, 2016, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍ Retrospective Study of Switching to Insulin Glargine from Neutral Protamine Hagedorn Insulin in Canine
    Diabetes Mellitus / 이지예, 2016, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Fluoroscopic Characteristics of Tracheal Collapse and Cervical Lung Herniation in Dogs /
    이저순, 2016, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍ Digital radiographic uterus size for detecting uterine disease diagnosed by ultrasound in dogs /
    윤수경, 2016, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍ Comparison of Stress Level Affected by Training Methods Using Salivary Cortisol Measurement
    in Dogs(개에서 타액 코티솔 측정을 통한 훈련방법에 따른 스트레스 유발 수준의 비교) / 김소희, 2016, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍ Adipose tissue inflammation in weight cycling mice / 성혜림, 2016, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍ Amyloidβ-Induced Drp1 Phosphorylation through Akt Activation Promotes Excessive Mitochondrial
    Fission Leading Neuronal Apoptosis / 김다임, 2016, (지도교수 : 한호재)
ㆍ 후기내피전구세포의 바이오마커 발굴 및 Hedgehog Interacting Protein의 후기내피전구세포에서의 혈관 신생능
    역할에 관한 연구 / 이봄내린, 2016, (지도교수 : 조제열)
ㆍ Amyloidβ-induced mTORC1 activation Up-regulates cyclin D₁/CDK 4 and cyclin E/CDK 2 levels
    leading to neuronal apoptosis / 이기훈, 2016, (지도교수 : 한호재)
ㆍ Retroperitoneal Laparoscopy in Dogs: Access Technique, Working Space, and Surgical Anatomy /
    정준모, 2016, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍ A Retrospective Study of Clinical Relevance Between Cholestatic Disease and Pituitary Dependent
    Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs / 김건호, 2016, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ Laparoscopic Excision of Bilateral Medial Iliac Lymph Nodes Using 3-Portal Technique in Dogs /
    임현주, 2016, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍ Hair Growth Promoting Effect of Dermal Papilla Like Tissues from Canine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal
    Stem Cells in Athymic Nude Mice / 이애리, 2016, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍ Difference in browning induced by stimulation with cold and CL 316,243 among six inbred strains of mice. /
    이서현, 2016, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍ 봄-여름 계절에 따른 개 혈액 중 유전자 발현 차이 / 최유정, 2016, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍ Complementary Effects of Probiotics on Canine Atopic Dermatitis / 황선희, 2016, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍ 차아염소산수의 병원성 미생물에 대한 항균효과(Antimicrobial effect of hypochlorous acid on pathogenic microorganisms) /
    김문섭, 2016, (지도교수 : 박세창)
ㆍ Differential effects of a high fat or high carbohydrate diet on the onset of liver cancer in HBx TG mice /
    마리아라퀴엘, 2016, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍ Craniodental geometric morphometry of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) / 앨리스칭칭, 2016, (지도교수 : Junpei KIMURA)
ㆍBehavior analysis of clones and its offspring as detecting dog / 이지현, 2015, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍPercutaneous Ultrasound-guided Cholecystography with Ultrasound Contrast Agent in Dogs
    (개에서 초음파 조영제를 이용한 초음파 유도하의 경피경간 담낭조영술) / 지서연, 2015, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍA Retrospective Study of Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease in Small Breed Dogs in Korea; Survival and Prognostic
    Variables(국내 소형견종에서 발생하는 퇴행성 이첨판막질환에 관한 후향성 연구) / 김현태, 2015, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍA short term study and clinical application to evaluate the safety and effect of vasopressin
     2 receptor antagonist(Tolvaptan,OPC-41061) in dogs(개에서 바소프레신 2 수용체 길항제(Tolvaptan, OPC-41061)의
    안전성과 효과를 평가하기 위한 단기 연구와 임상 적용 증례) / 박상철, 2015, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍRetinal Function and Histopathological Assessment after Intravitreal Cidofovir Injection in Normal Dogs /
    박성원, 2015, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍIn vitro antifungal effect of manuka essential oil on Malassezia pachydermatis from canine skin and ears. /
    이종명, 2015, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍCharacterization of a complete genome of a circular single-stranded DNA virus from porcine stools in Korea
    (국내 돼지 분변에서의 원형 단일 가닥 DNA 바이러스의 게놈 분석) / 김아름, 2015, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍDevelopment of Dental Hygiene Ghew for Dogs Considering Their Anatomical Features of Dentition /
    노현우, 2015, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍReestablishment of Radiographic Kidney Size in Miniature Schnauzer Dogs(방사선 영상에서
    Miniature Schnauzer 견의 신장 크기 재정립) / 손정민, 2015, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍEvaluation of the Ureteral Jet in the Dog with Doppler Ultrasonography(개에서 Doppler 초음파를 이용한
    Ureteral jet 현상의 평가) / 오현정, 2015, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍDetection and Molecular Characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. Among Wild Rodents and Insectivores
     in South Korea / 송주하, 2015, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍGenetic Diversity of Long-tailed Goral Populations (Naemorhedus caudatus) in South Korea /
    전수원, 2015, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍCanine Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Aggregates as a Viable Substitute to Actual Canine Dermal Papillae /
    배소희, 2015, (지도교수: 김완희)
ㆍComparison of Viability and Antioxidant Capacity after Freeze-Thawing Between Canine Adipose-Derived
    Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Heme Oxygenase-1-Overexpressed Cells / 김미정, 2015, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍAn Assessment of the Application of Poloxamer/Sodium Alginate/CaCl2 Mixture after Abdominal Surgery in Dogs:
     Effects on Postoperative Adhesion and Safety / 김지나, 2015, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍ윔블러드 말에서 운동으로 인한 말초혈액의 백혈구 내 microRNA와 mRNA의 발현 영향에 대한 통합분석 /
    김항아, 2015, (지도교수: 김용백)
ㆍEffect of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells engineered with Oct4/Sox2 on inflammatory mouse models /
    이강, 2015, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍA Cross-correlation Study among Neurons Recorded with Multi-Channel Electrodes in Areas 17 and 18 in the Cat /
    이가영, 2015, (지도교수 : 김종남)
ㆍ분변을 이용한 한국 수달의 번식 호르몬 분석 / 오카모토유미코, 2015, (지도교수 : Junpei KIMURA)
ㆍCharacterization of Camphylobacter jejuni isolates from dairy cattle farms in Korea / 홍위, 2015, (지도교수 : 조성범)
ㆍEffect of serum-derived albumin scaffold and canine adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells
    on osteogenesis in canine segmental bone defect model / 윤대영, 2014, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍRetrospective analysis of chief complaints and causes of dogs and cats during emergency visits /
    이혜경, 2014, (지도교수 : 이인형)
ㆍAntimicrobial effect of Chamaecyparis obtusa and Thuja orientalis essential oils on Staphylococcus
    pseudintermedius isolated from canine skin and ears / 이예현, 2014, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍAbdominal adipose tissue measurement using magnetic resonance imaging in dogs / 정선영, 2014, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍValidation of a commercial ELISA kit for the detection of rabies antibodies in dogs and cats for border qurantine
    in South Korea / 임정은, 2014, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍAnti-cancer effects of voltage-gated K+ channel blockers, dendrotoxin-κ and margatoxin,
    in gefitinib-resistant H460 cancer cell line / 전원일, 2014, (지도교수 : 이소영)
ㆍCharacterization of veterinary hospital-associated isolates of Enterococcus species in Korea /
     정연수, 2014, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍMolecular detection and genetic analysis of porcine bocavirus in Korean domestic swine herd /
    최민경, 2014, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍAnalysis of in vitro and in vivo immunogenicities of Brucella abortus recombinant proteins, Omp2b and SodC /
    성경용, 2014, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍRetrospective analysis of equine general anesthesia performed at Korea racing authority /
    김아람, 2014, (지도교수 : 이인형)
ㆍComputed tomographic enterography with lactulose solution in normal dogs / 계서연, 2014, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍDetermination of age by pulp cavity/tooth width ratio using dental radiography in cats / 박경선, 2014, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍMolecular detection and identification of Sarcocystis grueneri from Korean water deer (Hydropus inermis argyropus) /
    김혜원, 2014, (지도교수: 채준석)
ㆍEffect of alfaxalone and acepromazine on feline echocardiography / 김보은, 2014, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍThe effects of the canine type C staphylococcal enterotoxin on the proliferation and cytokine expression by peripheral
    blood mononuclear cells from atopic and healthy dogs / 박정훈, 2014, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍDevelopment and application of a method for rapid and simultaneous determination of three β-agonists
    (clenbuterol, ractopamine, and zilpaterol) using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry /
    성인경, 2014, (지도교수: 조성범)
ㆍAnti-proliferative role of voltage-gated potassium channel, Kv7.5 and its regulation by Sp1
    in canine osteosarcoma cell line /이보형, 2014, (지도교수 : 이소영)
ㆍSilencing of voltage-gated potassium channel Kv9.3 inhibits proliferation in human colon and lung carcinoma cells /
    이정하, 2014, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍMeat species identification using loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay targeting species-specific
    mitochondrial DNA / 조애리, 2014, (지도교수 : 조성범)
ㆍEffects of β-Tricalcium Phosphate Particle Sizes on Bone Formation in Canine Subcutaneous Implantation /
    성규진, 2013, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍLow-level Laser Therapy Promotes the Osteogenic Potential of Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded
    on an Acellular Dermal Matrix in Athymic mice / 최규석, 2013, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍBiological Characterization and Pathogens Detection of Blood-feeding Terrestrial Leech, Haemadipsa rjukjuana at
    Gageodo in Korea / 원소현, 2013, (지도교수 : 채준석)
ㆍEfficient Application of Oral Rabies Vaccine Distribution for Wildlife Rabies Control / 조현규, 2013, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍApplication of the C-Terminal Fragment of Pasteurella multocida Dermonecrotic Toxin on the Development of
    Vaccines against Progressive Swine Atrophic Rhinitis / 김아름, 2013, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍAnatomical Characteristics of Male Reproductive Organs in the Korean Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus) /
    손준혁, 2013, (지도교수 : Junpei Kimura)
ㆍQuantitative Determination of 12 Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acids (HETEs) by Chiral Liquid Chromatography Tandem
    Mass Spectrometry in Murine Atopic Dermatitis Model / 이응호, 2013, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍMultiplex Nested RT-PCR for Detecting Avian Influenza Virus, Infectious Bronchitis Virus and Newcastle
    Disease Virus / 응규엔, 2013, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍPopulation Structure in Spotted Seals, Phoca largha, in East Asia / 김현정, 2013, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍDonepezil Enhances Purkinje Cell Survival and Improves Motor Dysfunction by Inhibiting Cholesterol Synthesis in a
    Murine Model of Niemann Pick Type C Disease / 신유영, 2013, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍDevelopment of angiogenesis assays using 3D-cell spheres / 오수전, 2013, (지도교수 : Andreas Kurtz)
ㆍPrevalence and characteristics of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) from cattle in South Korea between
    2010 and 2011 / 강은, 2013, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍInvolvement of AIMP3/p18 in the normal aging processes of stem cells and its regulatory mechanisms by miR-543
    and miR-590-3p / 유영실, 2013, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍPhenotypic and Genotypic Analysis of Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
    Korean Isolates / 유안나, 2013, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍFunctional Roles of Voltage-gated Potassium Channels in the Nucleus / 변준규, 2013, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍCharacterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa affecting on somatic cell counts and antibiotics efficiency of bovine
    mastitis / 박혜림, 2013, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍMethicillin-Resistant Staphylococci Isolated from Companion Animals and Humans: Antibiograms and Genetic
    Comparison / 박주연, 2013, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍThe effect of folate intake during alcohol consumption on regulating p16 methylation in alkylating-agent treated
    mice colon / 김동수, 2013, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍRole of Vitamin D3 Up-regulated Protein 1(VDUP1) in Mouse Asthma Model / 이보람, 2013, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍEffect of ectopic OCT4 on canine adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells / 한상훈, 2013, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍEffect of 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone on In Vitro Maturation of Oocytes and Development of Parthenotes in Pigs /
    최지예, 2013, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffect of Manuka essential oil on Staphylococcus pseudintermedius / 송치윤, 2013, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍProtective effect of netrin-1 on hypoxia-induced mitochondrial apoptosis through HSP27expression in human
    umbilical cord blood derived mesenchymal stem cells / 손태우, 2013 (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍCytokine responses of PG102, an aqueous extract of Actinidia arguta fruit, on PBMCs from dogs with canine atopic
    dermatitis / 이용욱, 2013, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍEnhanced Wound Healing Effect of Canine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Low-Level Laser
    Therapy in Athymic Mice / 김효주, 2013, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍCharacterization of a T7-like lytic bacteriophage (?SG-JL2) of Salmonella enterica serovar Gallinarum biovar
    Gallinarum / 정지혜, 2013, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍSedative and Analgesic Effects of Intravenous Detomidine and Tramadol on Horses / 김태훈, 2013, (지도교수 : 조제열)
ㆍTrivalent iron-induced conversion of prion protein to a proteinase K resistant form in vesicular trafficking /
    최보란, 2012, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍPhosphodiesterase 4D inhibition induces cell cycle arrest and neural differentiation via cAMP/PKA signaling in primary
    glioblastoma multiforme / 강태욱, 2012, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍTime course of the diurnal rhythm disturbance of autonomic function in rats with myocardial infarction /
    이효원, 2012, (지도교수 : 이소영)
ㆍ(The) antioxidant capacity of intravenously injected adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells and methylprednisolone
    sodium succinate in acute spinal cord injured dogs / 조성호, 2012, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍGenotype analysis of Malassezia pachydermatis isolated from canine skin and ear in Korea /
    한승희, 2012, (지도교수: 황철용)
ㆍEvaluation of FOXP3 Expression in Canine Mammary Gland Tumours / 오선영, 2012, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍSilencing of miR20a is crucial for Ngn1-mediating neuroprotection in injured spinal cord / 정진선, 2012, (지도교수 : 강수경)
ㆍNuclear Ago2/HSP60 contributes to broad spectrum of hATSCs function via Oct4 regulation /
    장진화, 2012, (지도교수 : 강수경)
ㆍTherapeutic effect of human amniotic epithelial stem cells in Niemann-pick type C1 mice /
    홍샛별, 2012, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍ(The) study of liver regeneration in ahnak knock-out mice / 한아람, 2012, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍImmunohistochemical studies on cell proliferation and neuroblast differentiation induced by sodium butyrate and
    pyridoxine in the dentate gyrus of a mouse model of D-galactose induced aging / 유대영, 2012, (지도교수 : 황인구)
ㆍEfficacy of a PRRSV NA and EU strains combined inactivated vaccine in specific pathogen-free pigs /
    염민주, 2012, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍAntimicrobial resistance, virulence factors and phylogenetic analysis of canine Escherichia coli causing cystitis and
    comparison with human uropathogenic E. coli st131 strains / 김기연, 2012, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍFunctional characterization of cytochrome P450 1A1 Ala62Pro allelic variant / 강석모, 2012, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍCharacteristics of two serotypes of streptococcus parauberis isolated from the farmed olive flounder and protective
    efficacy of combined vaccine in farmed olive flounder / 한상윤, 2012, (지도교수 : 박세창)
ㆍRole of adrenal gland derived epinephrine on bee venom-induced antinociception in mouse formalin pain model /
    김지영, 2012, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍHuman adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells inhibit the growth of murine T-cell lymphoma in vitro and
    in vivo / 채지상, 2012, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍEffects of a topically applied moisturizer containing physiologic lipid granules on dogs with atopic dermatitis /
    정지영, 2012, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍEffect of sclerostomy with radiofrequency electrocautery on intraocular pressure in normal dogs /
    이예스란, 2012, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍImaging assessment of splenic perfusion using contrast-enhanced ultrasound in micropigs /
    이강재, 2012, (지도교수: 최민철)
ㆍAnti-tumor effects of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell-based interferon-β on melanoma cell in vitro in dog /
    박종우, 2012, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍProduction of porcine cloned embryos derived from cells conditionally expressing an exogenous gene using Cre-loxP /
    문준호, 2012, (지도교수 : 장구)
ㆍPrevalence of Dirofilaria immitis infection in Korean raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides koreensis) /
    김종배, 2012, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍPopulation dynamics and ORF3 gene evolution of porcine circovirus type 2 circulating in Korea /
    지압, 2011, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍIdentification of swine H1N2 reassortants with pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in Korean pigs /
     한재연, 2011, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍCraniometric variation and phylogenetic relationship of raccoon dog populations (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in Eurasia /
    김상인, 2011, (지도교수 : Junpei Kimura)
ㆍSeqeunce variations of the bovine prion protein gene (PRNP) in naitve Korean Cattle, Hanwoo /
    최상호, 2011, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍDistribution of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in South Korea and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis growth inhibition
    assay with antimicrobial peptides from Korean amphibians / 정아람, 2011, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍIsolation and characterization of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in aquatic environment / 전진우, 2011, (지도교수 : 박세창)
ㆍAntitumor effects of celecoxib, A cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitor, on Canine Malignant Melanoma cell lines /
    고예린, 2011, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍAccuracy of intraocular pressure measurements with two different tonometers through a plano therapeutic soft
    contact lens in dogs / 안정택, 2011, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍEffect of bone regeneration of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells with acellular dermal matrix in athymic
    murine calvarial bone defect / 김희정, 2011, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍEffect of 7-Diethylamino-4-Methylcoumarin on the transcription of cell damage-related genes in the zebrafish
    embryos / 정현, 2011, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍEffects of Canine Adipose Derived Stem Cells and Low Level 905 nm Diode Laser on Proliferation of Canine
    Mammary Gland Adenocarcinoma Cells / 엽경아, 2011, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍImaging Assessment of the Modified Barium Enema Using Carboxymethylcellulose on Radiography and
    Ultrasonography in Dogs / 최미현, 2011, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍPrevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of 269 Canine and Feline Uropathogens / 김효은, 2011, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍAntitumor Effects of Canine and Human Adipose Tissue derived-Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Mouse
    Melamona Model / 안진옥, 2011, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍComputed Tomographic Lymphography of Thoracic Duct by Ultrasound-Guided Injection of Iohexol into Popliteal
    Lymph Nodes in Cats / 이남순, 2011, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍDetection and genetic analysis of porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus in South Korea /
    노세미, 2011, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍEn bloc Hilar Ligation for Improved Feasibility of Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Nephrectomy /
    이정민, 2011, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍIsolation Rate and Characteristics of Salmonella spp. from Snakes and Turtles in Korean Zoos /
    김지용, 2011, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍPrevalence of the type 1 pili (F1 fimbriae) gene and its relationship with other virulence genes in Escherichia coli
    isolated fro diarrheic pigs / 이기찬, 2011, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍElectrophysiological Properties of Cells in the Organ Surface Primo-Vascular System of Rats /
    최재홍, 2011, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍExpression of Vitamin D-3-Upregulated Protein 1 in Human and Canine Mammary Glad Tumors /
    박준원, 2011, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍSynergistic effect of nerve growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor on in vitro maturation and
    developmental competence of bovine oocytes / 김봉한, 2011, (지도교수 : 장구)
ㆍVirulence and antimicrobial resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from cows with intramammary infection /
    홍민기, 2011, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍCell cycle synchronization of canine ear fibroblasts for somatic cell nuclear transfer / 박희정, 2011, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEpidemiological, hematological and serological characteristics in Korea Raccoon Dogs
    (Nyctereutesprocyonideskoreensis) / 오승용, 2011, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍReceptive fields at non-optimal directions with drifting gratings in visual cortex areas 17 and 18 of the cat /
    임미애, 2010, (지도교수 : 김종남)
ㆍ9-cis retinoic acid signaling pathway and regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 during in vitro maturation of porcine cumulus
    cell-oocyte complexes and its effect on parthenogenetic embryo production / 아티쿠자만, 2010, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍAhnak knock-out mice showed lung hyperplasia and high susceptible to urethane-induced lung carcinogenesis /
    최지원, 2010, (지도교수 : 성제경) (비공개)
ㆍAnalyzing the Role of Bartonella henselae and Bartonella adhesin A as a Pathogen causing Inflammatory Responses /
    김태호, 2010, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍAntimicrobial effect of lantibiotic lacticin NK34 against bovine mastitis causing bacteria / 김상엽, 2010, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍAssessment of feline abdominal adipose tissue using computed tomography / 이혜연, 2010, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍDevelopment of a differentiation method of chilled from frozen-thawed meet [실은 meat] by analysis of aspartate
    transaminase isozymes / 강가영, 2010, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍDevelopment of Improved Electronic and Genetic Tools for Amphibian Conservation Surveys /
    라사터, 2010, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍDistribution and genetic characteristics of porcine noroviruses and sapoviruses on Korean swine farms /
    금현옥, 2010, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍEffect of oocyte-secreted factors on porcine in vitro maturation, cumulus expansion and developmental competence
    of parthenotes / 마니냐, 2010, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffects of alprazolam on capture stress-related serum cortisol responses in raccoon dogs(Nyctereutes procyonoides) /
    김선아, 2010, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍEffects of Conditioned Media from Human Amniotic Epithelial Cells on Corneal Alkali Injuries in Rabbits /
    김태현, 2010, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍGenetic and biological characteristics of recent Korean isolates of avian influenza viruses subtype H9N2 /
    마드하브, 2010, (지도교수 : 김재홍)
ㆍHistone deacetylase inhibitors decrease proliferation potential and multilineage differentiation capability of human
    mesenchymal stem cells / 이승희, 2010, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍImproved sero-monitoring assay for classical swine fever using the recombinant E2 protein of a recent Korean isolate /
    성지현, 2010, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍInvestigation of Prion Disease Neuropathogenesis using Stable Knockdown Neuroblastoma Cells Established by Primary
    MicroRNA-mediated RNA Interference / 노유미, 2010, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍKv4.1 voltage-gated K+ channels and human gastric cancer cell proliferation / 김형진, 2010, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍMolecular epidemiological characteristics of Escherichia coli isolates producing extended-spectrum β-lactamases and/
    or AmpC β-lactamases from dog in veterinary hospitals in Korea / 소정화, 2010, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍPercutaneous mesenteric lymph node injection for thoracic duct CT lymphography in cats /
    김미은, 2010, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍPreliminary investigation of classical swine fever status in Korea / 변병래, 2010, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍPrevalence of norovirus in mouse from Korean laboratory animal facilities / 김종란, 2010, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍPreventive and therapeutic antitumor effects of GM-CSF overexpressing canine adipose tissue derived-mesenchymal
    stem cell in a mouse melanoma model / 오예인, 2010, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍCellular property of the primo-vascular system / 김소림, 2010, (지도교수 : 류판동) (비공개)
ㆍ(The) role of toll-like receptors and nod-like receptors on the functions of mesenchymal stem cells derived from human
    umbilical cord blood / 김형식, 2010, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍSedative and analgesic effects of intravenous xylazine and tramadol in horses / 서종필, 2010, (지도교수 : 이인형)
ㆍSurvey of amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in free-ranging and imported populations of
    amphibians in South Korea / 양효진, 2010, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍThe Effect of He/Ne Laser irradiation and Acellular Dermal Matrix on Deep Incisional Defects in a Dog Model /
    임성준, 2010, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍTherapeutic effects of hepatocyte growth factor overexpressing human umbrical cord blood-derived mesenchymal
    stem cells on liver fibrosis in rat / 손서영, 2010, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍEfficiency of Cellular Labeling with Fluorescent Silica nanoparticles in Canine Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from
    Umbilical Cord Blood and Adipose Tissue / 한세명, 2009, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ(A) study on the quarantine policies for companion animals / 권보라, 2009, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍProteomic Analysis of Acrylamide-induced Changes in Rat Nervous System / 차세진, 2009, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍEffect of Dermatophytosis on Racehorse Performance / 박근보, 2009, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍAntibiogram of Staphylococcus intermedius from animals, staff and the environment in animal hospitals in
    Korea and transmission of mecA gene / 윤정호, 2009, (지도교수 : 박용호) (비공개)
ㆍC-reactive Protein Evaluation in Dogs with Experimentally Induced Cystitis / 이종복, 2009, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍDiscovery and Target Validation of Up-regulated miRNAs in the liver of HBx tg mice / 이유희, 2009, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍEffects of inorganic phosphate on differentiation and protein translation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal
    stem cells / 이은선, 2009, (지도교수 : 조명행) (비공개)
ㆍEffects of trichostatin A (TSA) on in vitro development of porcine embryos derived from somatic cell nuclear transfer /
    정연익, 2009, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEpidural Distribution of Contrast Medium according to Vertebral Height Difference in Dogs with Sternal Recumbency /
    김준영, 2009, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍHealing effects of glycerol preserved acellular porcine dermis and helium-neon laser on full-thickness skin wound in
    dogs / 조지영, 2009, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍHepatotoxicity of silver nanoparticles in zebrafish / 최지은, 2009, (지도교수 : 류덕영) (비공개)
ㆍIncreased cell death of A549 lung cancer cells by autophagy inhibition / 신지영, 2009, (지도교수 : 채찬희) (비공개)
ㆍInhibition of Cell Migration in A549 Cells by Multiple-Target let-7g microRNA / 박성진, 2009, (지도교수 : 조명행) (비공개)
ㆍIntracranial transplantation of human umbilical cord blood-derived multipotent stem cells results in robust neurogenic
    ability in the mouse brain with neurodegenerative disease / 주은경, 2009, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍModification of a subtype-specific, indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using Korean isolates of swine
    influenza viruses (H1 and H3) / 안수경, 2009, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍOCT4A contributes to the stemness and multi-potency of human umbilical cord blood-derived multipotent stem cells
    (hUCB-MSCs) / 이새롬, 2009, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍPCR based detection of helicobacter pylori, H. felis and H. bizzozeronii in saliva and feces from dogs, owners,
    non-owners and veterinarians / 김희동, 2009, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍReduced Type II activation of Porcine Endothelial cells by Human soluble TNFRI-Fc expression /
    조범래, 2009, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍRole of 4-1BB in Atherosclerosis and Regulation of CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cell / 정인혁, 2009, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍThe profile of Staphylococcal exotoxin gene and its relationship with canine atopic dermatitis /
    남의화, 2009, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍZNF281 regulates osteogenic differentiation of hUCB-MSCs via the regulation of β-CATENIN /
    이선경, 2009, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍRetrospective Analysis of Canine Tumors (non-mammary and non-cutaneous) in Korea (2003-2006) /
    배일홍, 2008, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍ복제 미니 돼지 배아의 과메틸화 수준에 대한 5-Azacytidine의 효과 / 김현숙, 2008, (지도교수 : 이병천) (비공개)
ㆍProtective effects of vitamin E against 3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB126) induced toxicity in zebrafish embryos /
    나이랑, 2008, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍA Survey of Ophthalmic Findings in Sapsaree Dogs / 채제민, 2008, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍAgNOR Evaluation in Cytologic Preparations from Canine Mammary Tumors / 이소라, 2008, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍAntibiogram, biofilm formation, serotype and RAPD analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from bovine raw
    milk and dairy farm environment in Korea / 박선영, 2008, (지도교수 : 박용호) (비공개)
ㆍBacterial and Viral Disease in Korean Cultured Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) / 김지형, 2008, (지도교수 : 박세창)
ㆍCartilage regeneration by implantation of canine allogenic umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells /
    엄지용, 2008, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍCell Cycle Synchronization in Goldfish (Carassius auratus) Caudal Fin Derived Fibroblasts /
    카시아노, 2008, (지도교수 : 박세창)
ㆍConstruction and Characterization of a △apxIIIB/△apxIIID mutant of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Serotype 2 /
    박창보, 2008, (지도교수 : 류덕영) (비공개)
ㆍDevelopment and Evaluation of the Recombinant Nucleocapsid Protein-Based Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
    for the Serological Diagnosis of SARS / 이현경, 2008, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍDeveloment of diagnostic method and genetic analysis of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli of piglet /
    이수인, 2008, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍDevelopment of ELISA and Immunochromatographic Assay for Detection of Cephalexin Residue in the Fish Plasma
    and Tissue, and Cow Milk / 하동진, 2008, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍEnhanced osteogenesis of canine umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells with beta-tricalcium
    phosphate in canine segmental bone defect / 장병준, 2008, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍEstablishment and characterization of canine mammary gland cancer cell lines / 이선태, 2008, (지도교수 : 김완희)
ㆍExpression and localization of mucins (muc1, muc2, muc4, muc5ac, muc5b, muc6) and trefoil factor family 1 (TFF1)
    in the intestinal tract from naturally infected salmonella. spp pigs / 김충현, 2008, 채찬희)
ㆍGenetic diversity and differentiation of Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus) populations in Russian Primorsky and
    North Korea / 김영건, 2008, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍIncreased 5-HT mediates post-inflammatory visceral hypersensitivity via 5-HT3 receptor in rats /
     최윤동, 2008, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍLipopolysaccharide-induced Microglial Changes in the Mouse HIppocampus / 정대원, 2008, (지도교수 : 이인세)
ㆍMitochondrial Control Region Sequence Diversity of Raccoon Dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) /
    박선경, 2008, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍMolecular epidemiologic analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis from human and animal sources
    in Korea/ 백영환, 2008, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍPromotional effect of Dietary High-Fat on Early Progression of Prostate Cancer in TRAMP Mice /
    박성훈, 2008, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍRadiographic Evaluation of the Coxofemoral Joint in Working Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs /
    김환, 2008, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍRegulation of Iron-Regulatory Genes in Mouse Hepatocellular Carcinoma / 윤필주, 2008, (지도교수 : 류덕영) (비공개)
ㆍSelective Blockage of Voltage-activated K+ channels Inhibits Cell Proliferation of Tumorigenic Human Mammary
    Epithelial cells / 장수화, 2008, (지도교수 : 이소영)
ㆍThe effect of peripheral BV stimulation on spinal inflammatory responses and neuropathic pain behaviors in spinal cord
     injury model of rats / 어동규, 2008, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍThe study of Ecology, Hematologic and Serum Biochemistry Value in Korean Wild Raccoon dog
    (Nyctereutes procyonoides) / 정이루오, 2008, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍTreatment of dog with acute renal failure using mesenchymal stem cells derived from canine umbilical cord blood /
    이승준, 2008, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍAnalysis of anti-arthritic effect of ursolic acid using acute and chronic inflammation animal models /
    전미정, 2007, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍThe Improvement Plan for Voluntary and Effective Food Recall System in Korea / 김미승, 2007, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍSilk Fibroin/Hyaluronic Acid Blend Sponge Accelerates the Wound Healing in Full-Thickness Skin Injury Model of Rat /
    강석윤, 2007, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍArsenic-induced toxicity and the protective role of ascorbic acid in mouse testis / 장수임, 2007, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍCanine Ehrlichia and Borrelia Infection of Outdoor Keeping German Shepherd Dogs in Korea /
    서상호, 2007, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍCharacterization of methicillin-resistant staphylococci from veterinary personnel, animals and their owners in a
    Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital / 조민영, 2007, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍChemopreventive effects of ethanol extract of Psoralea Corylifolia and bakuchiol against human breast cancer cells /
    정지혜, 2007, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍEffects of Somatotropin and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor on In Vitro Maturation and Development of Porcine
    Oocytes / 권오서, 2007, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍGenotypic and phenotypic characteristics of Staphylococcus spp. isolated from Animals and Air /
    서연수, 2007, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍIsolation and Characterization of Canine Umbilical Cord Blood-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and their
    Transdifferentiation into Neuronal Cells / 정윤혁, 2007, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍMultiplex PCR for the simultaneous detection of pseudorabies virus, porcine cytomegalovirus, and porcine circovirus
    in pigs / 이철승, 2007, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍMultiplex real-time PCR for differential detection and quantification of Salmonella spp., Salmonella enterica serovar
    typhimurium and enteritidis in meats / 이수화, 2007, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍMultiplex targeting, tracking and imaging of apoptosis by fluorescent surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic dots /
    유경남, 2007, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍOct-4 regulation by estrogen in mammosphere from human breast cancer cell line / 이수진, 2007, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍPrevalence of bartonella henselae and bartonella clavvidgeiae in cats and dogs in South Korea /
    김유석, 2007, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍReduction of Liver Fibrosis by Xenogeneic Human Umbilical Cord Blood- and Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal
    Stem Cells without Treatment of Immunosuppressant / 이영건, 2007, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍRetrospective Study of Canine Cutaneous Tumors in Korea / 비두르, 2007, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍSurvey of Helicobacter infection in pet and feral cats in Korea using non-invasive diagnostic test /
    길혜명, 2007, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍThe effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and metformin on in vitro developmental competence of bovine
    oocytes / 홍소군, 2007, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍThe in vivo assessment on growth effect of pyogo mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) in rats / 정윤찬, 2007, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍToxicological Effects of Diffusion Flame-derived Fine Particulate matters Doped with Arsenic /
    반다리, 2007, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍ(The)Analysis of milk components and the antibiogram of pathogenic bacteria isolated from bovine raw milk in Korea /
    박영경, 2006, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍ(The)Assessment of the hematological, immunological and clinical changes by orally administrated canine granulocyte
    macrophage colony stimulating factor protein expressed on lactobacillus casei in dogs / 강상욱, 2006, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍ(The)Clinical and cytological classification of lymphoma and the AgNOR counts with special reference to
    prognosis in 19 canine patients / 홍지현, 2006, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍ(The)In vivo assessment of an orally administered lactobacillus casei expressing canine granulocyte macrophage
    colony stimulating factor protein in young dogs / 조춘규, 2006, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍEffect of Hog Cholera Vaccination on the Development of Postweaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome in
    Weaned Pigs Infected with Porcine Circovirus 2 / 이은미, 2006, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍEffect of Cytochrome P450 Isozymes on Metabolism of 3-amino-2-oxazolidinone (AOZ) in Mouse Liver /
    손덕화, 2006, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍEffect of Citrate Supplementation in a Culture Medium on In vitro Development of Porcine Embryos Fertilized in vitro /
    박선미, 2006, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍA study on Health Claims Initiative on the Conventional Foods in Korea / 라윤경, 2006, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍThe Patentability of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer /
    김순웅, 2006, (지도교수 : 강성근)
ㆍEffect of glutathione on the in vitro development of porcine embryos in two different culture media /
    Bhandari Dilip Prasad, 2006, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍPattern analysis of the wildlife casualties in Korea / 김영준, 2006, (지도교수 : 신남식)
ㆍComparison of the Food Safety Control between Korea and the United Kingdom /
    최정록, 2006, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍAerosol delivery of Akt controlled protein translation in the lungs of CMV-LucR-cMyc-IRES-LucF reporter mice /
    Tehrani Arash Minai, 2006, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍAerosol delivery of PDCD4 facilitated apoptosis in the lungs of AP-1 luciferase reporter mice /
    황순경, 2006, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍApplication of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) for acute renal failure in dogs /
    박정현, 2006, (지도교수 : 황철용)
ㆍApplications and outcomes of hemodialysis using continuous renal replacement therapy machine in dogs /
    김종택, 2006, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍComputed tomographic characteristics of acute thoracolumbar intervertebral disc disease in dogs /
    임창윤, 2006, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍDetection of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and chronoic wasting disease using monoclonal antibodies /
    이세영, 2006, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍDetermination of the optimal dark adaptation time on electroretinogram in conscious miniature schnauzer dogs /
    유형아, 2006, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍDevelopment of ELISA and immunochromatographic assay for detection of chloramphenicol residues in animal
    plasma, tissues, and milk / 장진욱, 2006, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍDevelopmental potential of bovine embryos derived from parthenogenesis and somatic cell nuclear transfer with
    different activation protocols / 고경희, 2006, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffects of stimulus intensity on the electroretinogram in conscious miniature schnauzer dogs /
    김현아, 2006, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍEnhanced osteogenesis of canine allogenic umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells associated
    with beta-tricalcium phosphate in ectopic implantation / 정창수, 2006, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍEvaluation of laparoscopic examination in experimental acute pancreatitis / 김현욱, 2006, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍGlutathione reduces reactive oxygen species induced by electrical activation in porcine parthenogenetic and
    somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos / 구옥재, 2006, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍIdentification of hepatitis E virus in human and application of real-time RT-PCR in detection /
    안정민, 2006, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍLatencies to a drifting bar of area 17 and 18 in the cat's brain / 한무경, 2006, (지도교수 : 김종남)
ㆍLow dose ACTH stimulation test and evaluation of steroid-induced adrenocortical suppression /
    고영환, 2006, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍAnalysis of nuclear reprogramming in cloned miniature pig embryos by reactivation of Oct-4 and Oct-4 related genes /
    이유진, 2006, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍProteomic analysis of human embryonic stem cells / 황혜숙, 2006, (지도교수 : 성제경)
ㆍRegulation of iron homeostasis in diethylnitrosamine-induced mouse liver tumors / 정은수, 2006, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍThree-dimensional CT angiography of canine hepatic vasculatures / 정유철, 2006, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍTriphasic CT of the Kidney in normal doy / 이성옥, 2006, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍTriphasic helical CT of the kidneys in the normal cats / 김경민, 2006, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍEfficacy of a herd specific mastitis vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus in dairy cows / 박연주, 2005, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍComparison of polymerase chain reaction with enrichment culture method for the detection of Listeria
    monocytogenes in livestock products / 이한정, 2005, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍApplication of a modified triple pelvic osteotomy for treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs / 김영삼, 2005, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍCharacterization of integron-based antibiotic resistance and florfenicol genes in Salmonella enterica serovar
    typhimurium isolated from pigs in Korea / Rayamajhi Nabin, 2005, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍComputed tomographic evaluation of cervical vertebral canal and spinal cord morphometry in normal dogs /
    서은정, 2005, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍDevelopment of organotypic slice culture and evaluation of neuronal activity in the hypothalamic
    paraventricular nucleus / 조은성, 2005, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍEmbryotrophic effect of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and hemoglobin on porcine embryo development /
    김지혜, 2005, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍEvaluation of CC chemokine receptor 4 mRNA expression level in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from dogs
    with atopic dermatitis / 백철훈, 2005, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍEvaluation of TNF-α and IL-1β mRNA expression levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cell from dogs with
    heart failure / 김성수, 2005, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍExpression of canine granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor protein in Lactobacillus casei /
    성의제, 2005, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍExpression profiles of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in Helicobacter pylori-associated in
    murine gastric cancer / 오상연, 2005, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍGuided bone regeneration of beta-tricalcium phosphate and poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide-co-epsilon-caprolactone)
    membrane in partial bone defects of canine proximal humerus / 오태훈, 2005, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍImmunohistochemistry for the detection of swine hepatitis E virus in the liver and extrahepatic tissue /
    하승권, 2005, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍMaintenance and characterization of human cloned embryonic stem cells on various human feeder layers,
    and its guided differentiation into neural progenitors / 권대기, 2005, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍMolecular characterization of vancomycin-resistant enterococci from hospitalized humans and poultry in Korea /
    홍순근, 2005, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍMolecular phylogenetic study on Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) in Korea / 홍윤지, 2005, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍNeoplastic transformation and tumorigenesis associated with overexpression of IMUP genes in cultured NIH3T3
    mouse fibroblasts / 정부경, 2005, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍParticulate matters containing arsenic caused toxicity through AP-1 activation in AP-1-luciferase reporter mice /
    유국종, 2005, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍRegulation of vitellogenin by environmental chemicals in zebrafish brain / 박덕웅, 2005, (지도교수 : 류덕영)
ㆍSoft tissue tumor model by simultaneous inactivation of p53 and Rb1 tumor suppressors / 최진향, 2005, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍStimulation of T cells by dendritic cells treated with galectin-3 / Parajuli Nirmala, 2005, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍTetrandrine-induced apoptosis is closely associated with ERK inhibition in A549 cells / 조현선, 2005, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍThermographic evaluation for the efficacy of acupuncture on induced chronic arthritis in the dog /
    엄세욱, 2005, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍThree-dimensional CT angiography of canine renal vasculature / 오선경, 2005, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍUrinary bile acids in dogs with induced acute hepatic damage / 김채욱, 2005, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍEfficacy Comparison of Commercial Disinfectants against Poultry Pathogens / 김준걸, 2004, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍExpression of Caspase-12 in Rat Brain after Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion and Reperfusion /
    김용순, 2004, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍAnesthetic effects of medetomidine-tiletamine-zolazepam combination and reversal with atipamezole in
    green iguanas (Iguana iguana) / 정소영, 2004, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍCanine parentage test and population structure analysis using microsatellite polymorphism / 강병택, 2004, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍDetection of Helicobacter spp. in the saliva, dental plaque, vomitus and feces of dogs by PCR assay /
    하성우, 2004, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍDetermination of ovulation timing and developmental potential of cloned embryo in dogs / 장구, 2004, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍDevelopment of modified ELISAs for Bovine Paratuberculosis / 박건택, 2004, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍDiagnostic approach for feline infectious peritonitis, feline panleukopenia, and feline herpesvirus-1 infection with
    Polymerase Chain Reaction / 정승우, 2004, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍEffect of Granulocyte Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor on 5-FU (Fluorouracil)-induced ulcerative mucositis in
    hamster buccal pouches / 조선아, 2004, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍEffect of nandrolone decanoate on disuse muscle atrophy and bone healing in dogs / 윤성진, 2004, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍEffect of seminal plasma injection on pregnancy and the infiltration of immune cells in the gilt endometrium /
    염수청, 2004, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffects of injectable anesthetics on fluorescein retinal angiographic phases in dogs / 장재영, 2004, (지도교수 : 서강문)
ㆍSimultaneous Determination of Artificial Sweeteners in Food by HPLC / 정승교, 2004, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍImmunohistochemical studies on calcium-binding proteins, calcitonin gene-related peptide and substance P in
    myenteric neurons of gerbil small intestine / 남영삼, 2004, (지도교수 : 이인세)
ㆍInhibitory effect of wogonin on giant migrating contractions in rat colon / 김현주, 2004, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍIsolation and in vitro neuronal and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical
    cord blood / 박기수, 2004, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍMolecular cloning of canine HIPK2 (Homodomain-interacting protein kinase 2) / 이숙연, 2004, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍMolecular cloning of canine β-nerve growth factor / 정진영, 2004, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍMolecular phylogenetic study of the Korean goral by mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequence analysis /
    조동준, 2004, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍOsteoinductivity of bone marrow and cultured marrow mesenchymal cell in ectopic implantation of hydroxyapatite /
    박옥지, 2004, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍPeritoneal dialysis in canine acute renal failure using icodextrin / 임상현, 2004, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍProduction of blastocyst after intergeneric nuclear transfer of goral (Naemorhedus goral) somatic cells into
    bovine oocytes / 오병철, 2004, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍProduction of human decay-accelerating factor (hDAF)-expressing miniature swine by somatic cell nuclear transfer /
    정연우, 2004, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍRole of MAP kinases and gap junctional intercellular communication in the differentiation of rat mammary
    epithelial cells / 서민수, 2004, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍRoles of p38 and c-jun in the differentiation, proliferation and immortalization of normal human endometrial cells /
    홍인선, 2004, (지도교수 : 강경선)
ㆍToxicological study of acrylamide / 양혜진, 2004, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍUse of in vitro matured human oocytes from ovaries excised surgically as an alternative source for invitro
    fertilization and somatic cell nuclear transfer / 유영준, 2004, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍVerification of Tissue Residue Test Method and Withdrawal Time of Lasalocid in Chickens /
    조수연, 2003, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍEffects of Teat Dips and Test Infusions Contained in Biodegradable Microspheres on
    Intramammary Infections during the Dry Period in Dairy Cows / 정미선, 2003, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍInfectivity Titration of Wild-type Infectious Bursal Disease Viruses / 이은경, 2003, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍImmunomodulatory and Anti-tumor Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria / 이정우, 2003, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍStudies on Reproductive Status Survey and the Effect of PGF2alpha Treatment in HanWoo /
    정대이, 2003, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍAlteration of electrical properties of gastric antral circular muscles by ethanol-induced mucosal injury in rat /
    송현주, 2003, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍAlteration of nitrergic neuromuscular transmission by acute experimental colitis in rats / 성태식, 2003, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍAntinociceptive effect of bee venom fraction stimulation into acupoint on the visceral pain model in mice /
    함태원, 2003, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍAnti-nociceptive effect of bee venom stimulation on neuropathic pain using sciatic nerve chronic constriction injury
    model of rats / 노대현, 2003, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍCharacterization of transposon Tn1549 associated with the vanB2 gene cluster in enterococci isolated from Korea /
    임지연, 2003, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍCloning of secreted isoforms of bovine CD28 and CTLA-4 / 노경민, 2003, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍCloning, expression, and characterization of porcine interleukin-6 / 이덕용, 2003, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍDifferentiation between porcine epidemic diarrhea virus and transmissible gastroenteritis virus in formalin-fixed
    paraffin-embedded tissue / 정권일, 2003, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍEffect of n-acetyl-l-cysteine and selenium against adriamycin toxicity in the rat / 이민혜, 2003, (지도교수 : 윤여성)
ㆍElectroacupuncture ameliorates experimental colitis induced by acetic acid in rat / 강정우, 2003, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍEstrogenic activity of ethanol extracts from cudrania tricuspidata and cortex mori using in vitro and in vivo assays /
    Tiep Nguyen Ba, 2003, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍSimultaneous Determination of Residual Olaqindox, Carbadox, Furazolidone in Pork and Chicken by High
    Performance Liquid Chromatography / 김진택, 2003, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍIsolation and identification of escherichia coli o157h7 using different detection methods and molecular
    determination by multiplex PCR and RAPD / 김지연, 2003, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍIsolation of bacteria from clinical specimens in veterinary medical teaching hospital and trend of antimicrobial
    susceptibility / 박세원, 2003, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍKinetic study of porcine GM-CSF expression in porcine immune cells / 조영욱, 2003, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍNovel model of human chronic neutrophilic leukemia in transgenic mice expressing HccR-2 /
    박준홍, 2003, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍQuantitative doppler echocardiography during dobutamine stress test in canine mitral regurgitant model /
    원성준, 2003, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍQuantitative evaluation of contrast enhanced transcranial doppler signal using galactose based echo-contrast
    agent in dogs / 정우조, 2003, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍRespiratory pathogenesis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus / 정한국, 2003, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍRole of cap-independent protein translation in 4-(n-methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-butanone (NNK)-induced
    apoptosis in human bronchial epithelial cells / 문서현, 2003, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍSignal cross-talk between estrogen and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α on adiposity /
    김방현, 2003, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍThe effect of capsaicin on the expression of CCK- and NPY- immunoreactivities in the brain of high-fat fed rat /
    조선아, 2003, (지도교수 : 윤여성)
ㆍUpper gastrointestinal contrast study using carboxymethylcellulose in dogs / 장진화, 2003, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍUse of digital infrared thermography on experimental spinal cord compression in dogs / 김완태, 2003, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍ4-(N-methyl-N-nitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK) restored the cap-dependent protein translation
    blocked by rapamycin / 김준성, 2002, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍEffects of Intravitreal Gentamicin Injection on the Clinically Normal Canine Eye / 강선미, 2002, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍEffects of Biodegradable Iodophor Microspheres Teat Dips on Dry Cow Intramammary Infection /
    김종민, 2002, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍDetection of Isospora suis in Small Intestine of Naturally Infected Piglets by in situ Hybridization /
    이주용, 2002, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍImmunohistochemical Localization of TH, DBH, PACAP and Calcium Binding Proteins in Paraventricular
    Nucleus of Korean Native Goat / 이충현, 2002, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍCanine atopic disease in Korea / 강형석, 2002, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍComparative study of PM₂.6-PM₁0- induced oxidative stress in rat lung epithelial cell / 최진혁, 2002, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍDetection of porcine circovirus and parvovirus in pigs with postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome by
    polymerase chain reaction and in situ hybridization / 김정현, 2002, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍDevelopment of the rapid prediction of tissue residue of cephalosporin antibiotics in pigs by measuring
    plasma concentrations with receptor assay / 박수정, 2002, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍEffect of the combination of electroacupuncture and surgical decompression on experimental spinal cord
    injury in dogs / 김순영, 2002, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍEffectiveness of fibrin glue (Greenplast?) in dogs / 박우람, 2002, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍ Effects of biodegradable cephalexin microspheres in dry cow mastitis therapy / 반현정, 2002, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍEffects of exogenous platelet activating factor supplemented to culture media on in vitro development of
    preimplantation porcine embryos / 이소현, 2002, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍEncephalomyelitis associated with Akabane virus infection of cattle in Korea / 이중근, 2002, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍExpression of ApxIV and iNOS genes in pig naturally infected with actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae /
    조완섭, 2002, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍIsolation and characterization of normal human breast epithelial cells and porcine mammary epithelial cells /
    이지해, 2002, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍIsolation and sero-prevalence of H3N2 subtype swine influenza virus in Korea / 이재영, 2002, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍModified small bowel follow-through method using methylcellulose in dogs / 정주현, 2002, (지도교수 : 최민철)
ㆍMolecular characteristics and pathogenicity of avian influenza virus isolated in Korea / 김민철, 2002, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍMolecular cloning, expression and purification of canine interleukin-3 / 김혜련, 2002, (지도교수 : 윤화영)
ㆍPreventive mechanisms of mushroom phellinus linteus on the inhibition of gap junctional intercellular
    communication by hydrogen peroxide / 조종호, 2002, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍPueraria mirifica may have estrogenic activity by metabolic activation, but have no modifying effects on
    carcinogenesis / 김경배, 2002, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍRetrograde labeling and electrophysiological recording of neurons in the hypothalamic paraventricular
    nucleus of the rat / 백대현, 2002, (지도교수 : 유판동)
ㆍSequence analysis on the 5'-untranslated region of bovine viral diarrhea virus isolated in Korea /
    박정서, 2002, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍStudy of cyclin D1 and cyclin E overexpression in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride-induced rat colon
    carcinogenesis / 김정래, 2002, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍThe Effect of fructose on development of bovine nuclear transferred embryos / 권진, 2002, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍTranscranial doppler ultrasound analysis of resistive index in rostral and caudal cerebral arteries in dogs /
    서민호, 2002, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍUltrasonographic measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter in normal dogs / 정동희, 2002, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍClinical Evaluation of Propofol as an Intravenous Anesthetic Agent and as an Induction Agent for Isoflurane
    Anesthesia in Dogs / 유준호, 2001, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍGalectin-3 Expression in Blood of Dog and Laboratory Animals / 김은희, 2001, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍImmunization of T-2 Toxin / 이규항, 2001, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍImmunoprophylactic Effects of IgY against Bacterial Pathogens Related with Swine Respiratory Diseases in
    Mouse Model / 신나리, 2001, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍSafety Evaluation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Rats Exposed for 90-day / 김태융, 2001, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍOral Hygiene Index and Dental Abnormalities in Pet Dogs / 이은창, 2001, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍDevelopment of Acaricidic Formic Acid Residue Analysis on Honey / 박종열, 2001, (지도교수 : 윤희정)
ㆍAcute Oral Toxicity Test on Japanes Quail / 최은실, 2001, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍComparison of the Food Safety Control between Korea and the United States / 이동식, 2001, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍImmunohistochemical Studies on Calcium Binding Proteins and Some Neurotransmitters in Myenteric and
    Submucosal Plexuses of Korean Native Goat Small Intestine / 황인구, 2001, (지도교수 : 이인세)
ㆍAntiatherogenic effect of agastache rugosa in LDL receptor deficient mice / 홍정주, 2001, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍAntimicrobial susceptibility of bacterial isolates and mecA, femA, and femB gene expression of
    methicillin-resistant staphylococci isolated from dogs / 유희, 2001, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍAntioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of polyphenolic fraction extracted from cacao bean husk /
    이진원, 2001, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍClinical signs, bacteriological findings and blood chemistry profile in bitches with pyometra /
    김덕은, 2001, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍDelayed spermatogenesis and TRPM-2 up-regulation in the testis of F1 offspring perinatally exposed
    to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-ρ-dioxin / 김태원, 2001, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍDelta opioid receptor modulates vasoactive intestinal peptidergic neuromuscular transmission in rat proximal
    colonic circular muscle / 강은희, 2001, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍDetection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, porcine circovirus type 2 and porcine parvovirus /
    유광수, 2001, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍDetermination of canine parvovirus strains by PCR assay in Korea / 김미경, 2001, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍEffect of glutamate on neuronal transmission in the rat subfornical organ / 정원휘, 2001, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍEffect of IP3 and ryanodine treatments on the development of bovine parthenogenetic and reconstructed embryos /
    안국준, 2001, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffects and neuro-toxic mechanisms of 2,2',4,4',5,5'-hexachlorobiphenyl and endosulfan in neuronal stem cells /
    박지은, 2001, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of anesthetics on somatosensory evoked potentials in dogs / 홍연정, 2001, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍEffects of Corticosteroid and electroacupuncture on experimental spinal cord injury in dogs /
    양정환, 2001, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍEffects of Macromolecules in added to culture media on in vitro development of bovine reconstructed embryos /
    최윤희, 2001, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEvaluation of renal resistive index in normal dogs with age / 허진영, 2001, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍExperimental renal artery embolization with iohexol-ethanol and barium-ethanol in dogs / 황국진, 2001, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍGenetic diversity detected by microsatellite markers in Korean native dogs / 강정원, 2001, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍInhibitory activity of Bifidobacterium longum HY8001 against verocytotoxin of Escherichia coli 0157H7 /
    김소현, 2001, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍInterspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer for the production of the siberian tiger(Panthera tigris altaica) /
    우영범, 2001, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍInvolvement of the inhibition of GJIC with the blockage of apoptosis by di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate(DEHP) in
    mouse sertoli cells / 김형섭, 2001, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍMorphogenetic and developmental comparison of porcine oocytes matured in TCM and mSOF /
    구자민, 2001, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍAntiprotoxoal Effects of Artemisinin on Neospora caninum / 김종태, 2001, (지도교수 : 윤희정)
ㆍIsolation and Identification of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale and Its Pathogenecity for Broiler Chickens /
    윤종웅, 2001, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍProtective effect of L-carnosine against TPA-or H₂O₂-induced apoptosis by epigenetic mechanisms on v-myc
    transformed rat liver epithelial cells / 윤준원, 2001, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍSuppressive effect of bee venom on formalin-induced pain behavior and spinal Fos expression in rats /
    김현우, 2001, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍClinical Evaluation of Extensive Laminectomy in Dogs / 박성민, 2000, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍCurrent Situation of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in Korea / 한경수, 2000, (지도교수 : 박봉균)
ㆍCharacteristics and Comparison of Taxonomical Methods of Yersinia enterocolitica Isolated in Korea /
    박주연, 2000, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍIn Situ Hybridization for the Dectection of Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus in Intestinal Tissues in Piglets /
    김봉태, 2000, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍLectin Histochemistry for Glycoconjugates in the Small Intestine of Piglets Naturally Infected with Isospora suis /
    최보영, 2000, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍDevelopment of Immune-mediated Glomerulonephritis Model and Change of Urine Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio in
    Progression and Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome in Dogs / 최은화, 2000, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍRandom Amplification of Polymorphic DNA Typing of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from the Meat /
    변성근, 2000, (지도교수 : 유한상)
ㆍApplication of Pediatric Hemodialysis System to Experimental Renal Failure in Dogs / 신현호, 2000, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍThe Comparison of Several Methods for the Diagnosis of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency /
    홍경화, 2000, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍImmunogenicity of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin C Mutant Antigen in Mice and Dairy Cows /
    장병선, 2000, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍImmunohistochemical Study on Some Calcium Binding Proteins and Neurotransmitters in Suprachiasmatic
    Nucleus of the Korean Native Goat / 송승훈, 2000, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍAntinatherogenic effect of antioxidant hematein isolated from Caesalpinia sappan / 최재훈, 2000, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍAntitumor effect of recombinant human interferon α-2a on the chronic myeloid leukemia-derived cell lines /
    김창환, 2000, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍBioequivalence of oxytetracycline HCI formulations in rabbits / 김유진, 2000, (지도교수 : 유판동)
ㆍCharacteristics of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against Salmonella typhimurium DT104 /
    양수진, 2000, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍDetection of canine distemper virus (CDV) by one step RT-PCR combined with nested PCR /
    김용환, 2000, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍDevelopment potential of nulcear-transfer embryos derived from various somatic cells in an adult HanWoo /
    조종기, 2000, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffect of dopamine on the image quality of excretory urography and the prevention of radiocontrast-induced
    nephropathy in dogs / 최지혜, 2000, (지도교수 : 윤정희)
ㆍEffect of electrofusion parameters and donor cell size on the development of nuclear transfer in cattle /
    김기연, 2000, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍEffect of glutamate on ionic currents of acutely-isolated single subfornical organ neurons / 김성남, 2000, (지도교수 : 유판동)
ㆍEffect of glutamate on synaptic transmission in the rat subfornical organ / 이호성, 2000, (지도교수 : 유판동)
ㆍEffect of various activation conditions on the development of somatic cell nuclear-transfer embryos in "HanWoo" /
    신수정, 2000, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍEffect of Wei-Yu(BL-21) acupoint stimulation on gastric motility following preanesthetics treatment in dogs /
    김희영, 2000, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍHormonal effects of several chemicals in recombinant yeast, MCF-7 cells and uterotrophic assays in mice /
    박진성, 2000, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍMechanisms of bee venom induced antinociceptive effect on writhing reflex and Fos expression evoked by a noxious
    visceral stimulus in mice / 강명수, 2000, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍMolecular cloning of canine interleukin-1 receptor antagonist / 신일섭, 2000, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍPathogenesis and Characteristics of Korean Neospora Caninum Isolates / 배지선, 2000, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍPorcine circovirus-associated syndrome in pigs / 최창순, 2000, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍRegulation of guanidinoacetate methyltransferase (GAMT) gene expression and establishment of screening
    test for the congenital GAMT deficiency / 김현우, 2000, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍRole of HMG-CoA reductase in toxicity induced by combined treatment of TCDD and benzo(α)pyrene /
    손장원, 2000, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍDetection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus by RT-PCR and Analysis of Nucleocapsid Gene / 안영기, 2000, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍThe effect of Monoamine oxidase inhibitors on Dextromethorphan-induced activity in rats /
    이종심, 2000, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍExperimental Infection of Mice with Homoganate from a Porcine Stomach Infected with Tightly Spiral Bacteria /
    박종환, 2000, (지도교수 : 박재학)
ㆍEvaluation of Small Intestinal Motility with Pulsed-Doppler Ultrasonography in Dogs / 안용주, 1999, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍThe Effects of Volatile Anesthetic Agents on Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Release in Dogs / 안경아, 1999, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍMicrosatellite DNA Polymorphism and its Application to Paternity Testing in Dogs / 채영진, 1999, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍEvaluation of Modified Extraluminal Prostheses Applied to the Trachea in Dogs / 이충호, 1999, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍThe Comparison of Viscoelastic Materials Used in Phacoemulsification in Dogs / 김완희, 1999, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍCompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Detection of T-2 Toxin / Jin Yong, 1999, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍMicrobiological Monitoring of Laboratory Mice and Rats / 이병희, 1999, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of Bisphenol A and Tamoxifen on Reproductive Tract and Plasma Cholesterol in Ovariectomized ICR Mice /
    임종희, 1999, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍThe Estrogenic Effects of Phthlates (DEHP, DBP) : Establishment of Screening Methods for Endocrine Disruptors /
    정지윤, 1999, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍClinicopathological Evaluation for the Prediction of Postoperative Myopathy in Isoflurane Anesthetized Horses /
    유승호, 1999, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍThe Effects of Displaced Osteochondral Fragments on the Athletic Performance in Operation of the First Phalangeal
    Fracture in Horse / 황용규, 1999, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍEffects of Bovine Amniotic Membrane Graft on Healing of Full-Thickness Skin Wound in Dogs /
    황경택, 1999, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍImmunohistochemical Detection of PrPsc / 구혜정, 1999, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍEffects of Glucose, Phosphate and Citrate on In Vitro Development of HanWoo Embryos in Two-Step Culture System /
    임광택, 1999, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍDetection and Distribution of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in the Lungs of Naturally Infected Pigs by In Situ
    Hybridization / 권동혁, 1999, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍEffects of Sperm Activators on Sperm Penetration of HanWoo Oocytes Following In Vitro-Insemination /
    김정태, 1999, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍDistribution and Characteristic of Staphylococcus aureus Subtypes Isolated from Dairy Herds /
    유종현, 1999, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍSynergistic Effect of IL-4 and Dexamethasone in Murine Type II Collagen Induced Arthritis Model /
    이원우, 1999, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍThe Survey of Trichinella spiralis Infection in Finishing Pigs Using the Pepsin-Digestion Method and ELISA in Korea /
    서흔수, 1999, (지도교수 : 윤희정)
ㆍChromosomal Banding Pattern of Korean Native Goat (Capra hircus) / 오승현, 1999, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍEffects of a Dominant Follicle Aspiration on Superovulatory Response in HanWoo / 이동원, 1999, (지도교수 : 이병천)
ㆍIsolation, Characterization and Differentiation of Oval Cells from Carcinogen-treated or Clonorchis sinensis Infected
    Hamsters / 정수연, 1999, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍ햄스터에서 담낭에 투사하는 십이지장의 펩타이드 함유 신경세포에 관한 조직화학적 연구 / 서제훈, 1999, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍDevelopment of multiplex PCR for detection of vancomycin resistant enterococci(VRE) and epidemiological
    application in Korea / 서근석, 1999, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍEffect of anesthetics and diuretics on Doppler measurements of intrarenal resistive index in dogs /
    최호정, 1999, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍInterrelationship of apoptosis, mutation, and cell proliferation in N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine
    (MNNG)-induced medaka carcinogenesis model / 곽형일, 1999, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍMolecular biological and immunohistochemical study of p16Ink4CDKN2 and p15Ink4BMTS2 genes in human
    gastric cancer / 허권, 1999, (지도교수 : 김대용)
ㆍMycoplasma species in milk from bulk tank and abattoir dairy cows in Korea / 손대호, 1999, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍSustained release of cephalexin from chitosan beads in dogs / 조태현, 1999, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍEffects of Anesthesia with Ketamine, Xylazine and Combination of Xylazine-Ketamine on Serum ACTH,
    Corticosterone and Glucose Concentration in Rabbits / Li Longhua, 1999, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍEvaluation of the Efficacy of a Commercial Competitive Exclusion Preparation (Broilact™) against Salmonella
    gallinarum Infection / 박영찬, 1998, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍEvaluation of Trochleoplasty for Correction of Patellar Luxation in Dogs / 정언승, 1998, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍAnesthetic and Cardiovascular Effects of Xylaxine/Fentanyl/Azaperone and Medetomidine/Midazolam as Preanesthetics
    and Combinations with Their Antagonists in Halothane-Anesthetized Dogs / 양한석, 1998, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍCharacteristics of Salmonella spp. Isolated from Fowl Paratyphoid in Korea / 정지헌, 1998, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍNucleotide Sequence Analysis of vp2 Gene of Infectious Bursal Diseases Virus Isolated in Korea /
    윤병필, 1998, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍCharacteristics of Salmonella gallinarum Isolated from Korea and Generation of galE mutant by Transposon
    Mutagenesis / 조성률, 1998, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍEffects of Dizocilpine on Parvalbumin Positive Neurons after Cerebral Ischemia in the Mongolian Gerbil /
    윤경아, 1998, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍProduction of Mononclonal Antibodies Specific to Mononuclear Cell Surface Antigens of the Peripheral
    Blood in Chicken / 최준구, 1998, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍEffect of Different Cryoprotectants on the Viability, Maturation and Development of In Vitro Bovine Oocytes /
    유일선, 1998, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍExpression of Galectin-3, a Prion mRNA Binding Protein in Rat Brain / 이유경, 1998, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍDetection of Urinary 8-Hydroxyguanine Adduct as Exposure Biomarker for Oxidative Stress /
    유아선, 1998, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍCompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection of Neomycin Residue in Milk /
    이윤이, 1998, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍSpecies Variance of Toxic Effects in Preclinical Safety Assessment of rhPTH / 송동호, 1998, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍDetection of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae DNA in the Lungs of Naturally Infected Pigs by In situ Hybridization
    and Characterization of apx from Field Isolates in Korea / 민경섭, 1998, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍTransmission and Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on the Sinusoid and the Migration of Erythroid Cells in
    Rat Fetal Liver / 김용욱, 1998, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍTreatment of Ovarian Disorder in Repeat Breeder Cows after Diagnosis by Ultrasonography /
    윤기영, 1998, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍDetection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus antigen in porcine feces and jejunal tissues / 이학모, 1998, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍDevelopment of multiplex PCR for toxin-typing of staphylococcal enterotoxins A, B, C, D, E, and TSST-1 /
    윤장원, 1998, (지도교수 : 박용호)
ㆍEffects of autogenous toxoid-bacterin in lactating cows with staphylococcus aureus subclinical mastitis /
    황철용, 1998, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍElectron microscopical evaluation of growth inhibitory mechanism of AL072, a novel anti-legionella antibiotic,
    on legionella pneumophila / 강병철, 1998, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍExpression of ATP-sensitive potassium channel and sulfonylurea receptor mRNA in neonate and adult rat tissues /
    이소영, 1998, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍTranscriptional Regulation of the Guanidinoacetate Methyltransferase Gene Expression / 김병진, 1998, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍSimultaneous Determination of Six Peniccilins in Beef, Pork and Chicken Meats by High Performance Liquid
    Chromatography / 이득신, 1998, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍMolecular and pathogenic characteristics of Korean isolates of avian influenza virus (H9N2) /
    이창원, 1998, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍS-nitroso-L-cystein-induced Noradrenergic-noncholinergif Contraction of Porcine Gastric Fundus Longitudinal
    Muscle / 나준호, 1998, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍStudies on the Application of 19-Nortestosterone ELISA in Field / 윤소영, 1997, (지도교수 : 이항)
ㆍEffects of Tumor Promoters on Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication in WBF-344 Rat Liver Epithelial Cells /
    양재만, 1997, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍRadiographic Assessment of Liver Volume in Dogs / 최귀철, 1997, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍChanges of Serum Enzyme Activities and Isoamylase Fractions in Experimentally Induced Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs /
    박수진, 1997, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍUltrasonographic Evaluation of Diffuse Hepatic Disease Using Gray Level Histogram in Dogs /
    이희천, 1997, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍDiagnosis of Deafness by Brain-Stem Auditory Evoked Responses in Dogs / 윤영심, 1997, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍEffects of Pancreatectomy on Serum Trypsin-like immunoreactivity (TLI) in Dogs / 곽우연, 1997, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍRelationship Between Hoof Parameters and Racing Record in Racehorses / 엄영호, 1997, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍEffect of Established Cell Lines on In Vitro Culture of Korean Native Cattle Embryos / 주석천, 1997, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍNucleotide Sequences of the Fusion Gene of Korean Isolates of Newcastle Disease Virus and Pathotyping by
    Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction / 조선희, 1997, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍPathogenicity and Antigenicity of Korean Isolates of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus / 차상호, 1997, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍPrevalence of Pili and Enterotoxins in Escherichia coli Associated with Preweaning Colibacillosis from Piglets in
    Korea / 함희진, 1997, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍDetection of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) Nucleic Acids in the Lungs of Naturally
    Infected Piglets as Determined by In Situ Hybridization / 천두성, 1997, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍComparative Pathological Studies in Liver Cirrhosis Model of Rats / 제정환, 1997, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudy of hprt Mutation Induced by Pentachlorophenol in Rat T-Cell / 이석만, 1997, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍIsolation of Clostridium perfringens from Faeces of Healthy Cattle and Detection of Toxin Genes by Polymerase
    Chain Reaction / 전보영, 1997, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍExpression and Characterization of Recombinant Human Galectin-3 / 김병규, 1997, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍStudies on the Localization of Nerve Fibers Containing Neuropeptide in the Pancreas of Insulin-Dependent
    Diabetic Rat / 김영주, 1997, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍEffects of K+ Channel Modulators on the Course of Ischemic Responses in the Rat Hippocampal Slice /
    최진규, 1997, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍDiagnosis of Tritrichomonas foetus Infection by ELISA and IFA / 홍기옥, 1997, (지도교수 : 윤희정)
ㆍA Study on autogenous full-thickness mesh skin graft in rabbits / 김종민, 1997, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍChanges of opioid receptor subtypes under cerebral ischemic condition in mongolian gerbils /
    권영배, 1997, (지도교수 : 이장헌)
ㆍComparison of therapeutics on chloramphenicol injection induced sciatic nerve injury in dogs /
    이주명, 1997, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍAlteration of Glycocojugate Expression of Escherichia coli K88-Infected Porcine Small Intestine as Determined by
    Lectin Histochemistry / 박은정, 1997, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍEvaluation of anesthetic effects of xylazinefentanylazaperone and ketamine combination in dogs /
    이인형, 1997, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍA Study on Rapid Confirmatory Diagnosis Using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry for Organophosphorus
    Pesticide Poisoning in Chickens / 김인천, 1997, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍRole of Free Radicals and DNA Adducts in Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Induced Toxicity / 정요찬, 1997, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍPurification of embryogenesis stimulating activity from bovine oviduct epithelial cell conditioned medium and its
    effect on the development of bovine embryos / 김현일, 1997, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍThe Efficacy of terbinafine in guinea pigs experimentally infected with Microsporum gypseum /
    임채형, 1997, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍEffects of Irrigation/Aspiration Device and Viscoelastic Material on Complication after Extracapsular Lens
    Extraction in Dogs / 우흥명, 1996, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍEffects of Follicle Size and Oocyte Diameter on In Vitro Nuclear Maturation of Korean Native Cattle Oocyte /
    용환율, 1996, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍMedium-Term Carcinogenicity Test for Pesticides / 김용상, 1996, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍNonadrenergic Noncholinergic Relaxation in the Longitudinal Smooth Muscle of Porcine Gastric Fundus /
    김태완, 1996, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍIsolation and Electrical Characterization of the Rat Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons / 한성규, 1996, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍThymocyte Apoptosis Induced by Cyclophosphamide in Rats / 구현옥, 1996, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍMarkers of Collagen Change in Chronic Secondary Renal Disease Model in Rat / 남정석, 1996, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies on Assessment of Dietary Energy Balance in Holstein Dairy Cows during Early and Peak Lactation Period :
    Serum Fructosamine Concentration as a Useful Index / 나정찬, 1996, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍPathogenesis of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in Young and Adult Rabbits / 김영석, 1996, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍUltrasonographic and Radiographic Study on Experimental Cystitis in Rabbit / 장동우, 1996, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍThe Molecular Biological Study of the Enzymes and a Transporter of the Creatine Metabolism in the Male
    Reproductive Tract / 김종호, 1996, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍRelationship between Membrane Thickness and Activity of Ca2+-Activated K+ Channel / 서형식, 1996, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍEffect of Vitamin E and Selenium on Ethanol-Induced Fatty Liver in Rabbits / 공병철, 1996, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍSequential Pulmonary Lesions Induced by Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae Serotype 5 5 Apx Toxin in the Pigs /
    우계형, 1996, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍEffect of Ca2+ Concentration on Electric Activation of In Vitro Matured Oocytes in Korean Native Cattle /
    송길영, 1996, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍLectin Histochemistry of Escherichia coli 987P-Infected Porcine Small Intestine / 손용성, 1996, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍMechanism of Isoproterenol-Induced Relaxation of the Rat Uterine Smooth Muscle :
    Activation of 4-Aminopyridine-Sensitive K+ Channels / 김기하, 1996, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍDetection of Coxiella burnetii in Raw Milk by Polymerase Chain Reaction / 조동희, 1996, (지도교수 : 우희종)
ㆍImmunohistochemical Identification of Porcine Respiratory Coronavirus (PRCV) Antigen in the Lung of
    PRCV-Infected Piglets / 안경규, 1996, (지도교수 : 채찬희)
ㆍMorphological Studies on the Effect of Selenium on Renal Lesions Induced by Adriamycin in Rats /
    박은성, 1996, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍProduction of Monoclonal Antibody against Sulfamethazine and Development of Competitive Direct ELISA /
    채창수, 1996, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍHistopathological Observations and Investigations of Antigen Distribution on the Lesions Induced by Canine
    Distemper Virus in Dogs / 성승규, 1995, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍPathological Observation on the Canine Mammary Gland Tumors and Immunohistochemical Study on the Origin
    of Chondroid Tissue in Mammary Gland Mixed Tumors / 김용백, 1995, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍUltrasonographic Study on the Experimental Partial and Complete Obstruction of the Common Bile Duct in Dogs /
    이영원, 1995, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍPharmacokinetics of Ciprofloxacin in Chicken / 강환구, 1995, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies on Antidiabetic Effects of Fibroin in Diabetic Animal Models / 남상섭, 1995, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍHistopathology and Immunohistochemistry of Gastric Carcinoids in the Striped Field Mouse
    (Apodemus agrarius Pallas) / 오세웅, 1995, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍThe Morphological Studies on the Nuclei Innervating Rat Digastric Muscle / 강태천, 1995, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍSpecific Binding Affinity of Mycoplasma pulmonis to Nasal Epithelium in the Nasal-Associated Lymphoid
    Tissue of Rat / 정광일, 1995, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍHepatic Fibrosis Model Induced by MHV-2M and Water Immersion Stress In Mice / 문병석, 1995, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffect of Gas Atmosphere on In Vitro Development of Bovine Embryos Derived from In Vitro Fertilization /
    이원유, 1995, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍBactericidal Effects of Bacteriocins on Staphylococcus aureus in the Cultured Mammary Gland Tissue /
    강대진, 1995, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍStudies on the Effect of Antisperm Antibodies on Capacitation and Acrosome Reaction of Bovine Spermatozoa /
    추영재, 1995, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍEffects of Abomasopexy on the Growth in Calves / 김현기, 1995, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍPathological Study on Encephalitozoonosis in the Laboratory Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) /
    강성근, 1995, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍMolecular Typing of Newcastle Disease Virus by Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction /
    권혁준, 1995, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍFactors Affecting Pregnancy Rates Following Transfer of Bovine Embryos Derived from In Vitro Fertilization of
    Oocytes Matured In Vitro / 김성기, 1995, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍStudies on Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in Korean Native Cattle by Ultrasonography / 전병준, 1995, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍEffects of Ursodeoxycholic Acid on DL-Ethionine-Induced Fatty Liver in New Zealand White Rabbits /
    박성준, 1995, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍStudy on the Development of Thrombolytic Agent from Korean Snake Venom / 김병재, 1995, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍThe Effect of Aloes on the Wound Healing in Rabbits / 양현국, 1995, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍAn Ultrastructural Observations on the Liver of Rat Treated with Cyclosporin A with Special Reference to the
    Bile Canaliculus / 김윤정, 1995, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍEffects of Doxycycline on Functions of Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte of Korean Native Goat /
    조윤상, 1995, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍDevelopment of ELISA for Cortisol and It's Application to Clinical Use / 나기정, 1995, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍImmune responses to infection by malassezia pachydermatis in canine external ear canals /
    이진희, 1995, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍStudies on the Titration of Subunit Hemagglutinin Influenza Viruses / 김유진, 1995, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍProduction of Monoclonal Antibody to Nandrolone and Development of ELISA / 이혜숙, 1995, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍHistopathology and Point Mutation of H-ras Oncogene in N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine
    (BBN)-Induced Urinary Bladder Tumors in the Rat / 김대영, 1995, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍDetection of elt Gene Encoding Heat-Labile Toxin of Escherichia coli by Polymerase Chain Reaction /
    이상운, 1995, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍRisk Factors Associated with the Concurrent Intestinal and Respiratory Tract Disorders in Pups /
    박희명, 1995, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍApplication of rfbS Sequence-Based PCR Method for the Specific Detection of Salmonella A and D groups /
    안종삼, 1995, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍEffect of Yeast Glucan on Wound Healing in Rabbits / 박재헌, 1994, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍHistopathological and Immunohistochemical Observations on Lesions According to Infected Age in Spontaneous
    Canine Parvovirus Enteritis / 구자록, 1994, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍAnalysis of Drug Resistance and Plasmid Profile of Salmonella typhimurium Isolated from Human in Korea /
    이정미, 1994, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍNonadrenergic-Noncholinergic Neurotransmitters Involved in the Relaxation of Porcine Retractor Penis
    Muscle - NO and VIP - / 문규환, 1994, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍRelaxation of Porcine Retractor Penis Muscle by Nonadrenergic-Noncholinergic Neurotransmitter /
    김점용, 1994, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍDevelopment of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Detection of Anti-Hantaan Virus IgM in Human Sera /
    조영식, 1994, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍAn Occurence of Simian Cytomegalovirus Infection in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) in Korea /
    최양규, 1994, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍNutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Cheju Pony Racehorses / 김준규, 1994, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍCompetitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection of Gentamicin Residues in Edible Animal Products /
    김재명, 1994, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍStudies on Radiographic and Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Experimentally Induced Hydronephrosis in Rabbits /
    이기창, 1994, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍInteraction of Intrapancreatic Nerve and Insulin on Exocrine Secretion of Isolated Perfused Rat Pancreas /
    박형서, 1994, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍPathological Observation of Early Hepatic Lesions Induced by Acetaminophen in Mice / 오세철, 1994, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍAAnticoccidial Effects of Artemisia annua and Artemisinin on the Eimeria tenella / 오화균, 1994, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍDetection of Liver Cell Proteins Interacting with HBV-X Gene Product / 김민재, 1994, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍProduction of Polyclonal Antibody to Fumonisin Using Cholera Toxin as a Carrier-Adjuvant and Development of an
    ELISA to Detect Fumonisin in Feedstuffs / 정순관, 1994, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍStudies on Non-surgical Medium0term Carcinogenicity Bioassay Model Using D-Galactosamine /
    남기환, 1994, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudy on the Inhibitory Effects of Diallyl Sulfide and/or Diallyl Disulfide in the Rat Hepatocarcinogenesis /
    김배환, 1994, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of Intrathecal and Intracerebroventricular Pretreatments with Pertussis Toxin on Antinociception Induced by
    β-Endorphin and Morphine Administered Intracerebroventricularly in Mice / 정기명, 1994, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍStudies on the Purification of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Antigen for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay /
    권오웅, 1994, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍEffect of Epidermal Growth Factor on Wound Healing in Rabbits / 최순철, 1994, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍSimultaneous Detection of Residual Tetracyclines in Beef, Pork and Chicken Meats by High Performance Liquid
    Chromatography / 송성옥, 1994, (지도교수 : 조명행)
ㆍThe Study on Correlation of In Vivo and In Vitro Teratogenicity in Rats Treated with Cadmium Chloride /
    서광원, 1994, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of Potassium Channel Modulators on the Fatigue Velocity of Mouse Skeletal Muscle /
    이기호, 1994, (지도교수 : 류판동)
ㆍBiological Characteristics of Local Isolates of Newcastle Disease Virus and Detection of the Virus by an
    Oligonucleotide Probe / 서승희, 1994, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍDetection of Salmonella species by Polymerase Chain Reaction / 박두희, 1994, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍStudies on Plasma Lipoprotein Alterations in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats /
    도선길, 1994, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍStudies on the Culture of Bovine Embryos Using Synthetic Oviduct Fluid (SOF) / 노상호, 1994, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍEffect of Yeast Glucan on the Healing of Infected Wound in Rabbits / 홍성혁, 1994, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍEffect of the Administration of Propionyl Promazine and Ketamine HCl and Osteotomy of Femoral Head on the
    Lymphocyte Blastogenesis in Dogs / 연성찬, 1993, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍCharacterization of Korean Isolates of Newcastle Disease Virus / 최강석, 1993, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍStudies on the Toxicity and Carcinogenicity of Fusarium moniliforme MRC 826 Culture Material in Rats /
    신동진, 1993, (지도교수 : 신광순)
ㆍNitric Oxide (NO)-Mediated Relaxation of Bovine Retractor Penis Muscle / 장희정, 1993, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍStudies on Preventive Mechanisms and Clinical Effects of Dietary beta-Glucan against Atherosclerosis /
    김형욱, 1993, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍA Study on the Time Related Alteration of the Plasma and Brain Enzyme Activity by Organophosphorus-Induced
    Delayed Neurotoxicity (OPIDN) in Adult Hen / 우승룡, 1993, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍThe Culture of In Vitro Matured and Fertilized Bovine Oocytes in Rabbit Oviduct / 정혜옥, 1993, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍStudies on Electrical Cell Fusion of Nuclear Transplant Mouse Embryos / 신상곤, 1993, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍEffect of Platelet Activating Factor on Parturition in the Rat / 조병기, 1993, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍProduction of Monoclonal Antibody to Chlroamphenicol and Development of ELISA for the Residue Test /
    윤동호, 1993, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍThe Effects of Diethyl Maleate on the N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine Induced Gastric Carcinogenesis in Rats /
    박철범, 1993, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍStudies on Values of Procollagen Type III Peptide and Hydroxyproline in the Rat Liver Cirrhosis Induced by
    Dimethylnitrosamine / 조재진, 1993, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies on Pathogenic Variants of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Korea / 이동우, 1993, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍInhibitor Effect of Several K+ Channel Openers on the Contraction of the Rat Uterus In Vitro /
    김희정, 1993, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍCharacteristics of the Antibacterial Substances Produced by Lactobacillus casei subsp. and Streptococcus faecium /
    강경구, 1993, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍHistopathological Study of the Effect of Selenium and Verapamil on Cardiac Lesions Induced by Adriamycin in Rats /
    남상윤, 1993, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Tumors of Hematopoietic System in Sprague-Dawley Rats /
    남기택, 1993, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Mammary Tumors in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats /
    윤병일, 1993, (지도교수 : 임창형 )
ㆍPathological Observation and DNA Ploidy Patterns of Mammary Tumors Induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene
    (DMBA) in Rats / 강진석, 1992, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍEvaluation of Combined Anesthesia of Xylazine and Diazepam in Dogs / 정성목, 1992, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍEffects of Method of Glycerol Addition and Removal of Seminal Plasma on the Fertilizing Capacity of Cryopreserved
    Canine Spermatozoa / 이상록, 1992, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍPathogenicity and Immunosuppressive Effects of a Korean Isolate of Reticuloendotheliosis Virus in Chickens /
    한명국, 1992, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍEcology and Pathogenesis of Balantidium coli in Swine / 강두원, 1992, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍStudies on the Chicken Serum and Egg-yolk Antibodies Produced by Escherichia coli Isolated from Piglets /
    오진식, 1992, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍStudies on the Ploidy Distributions of the Hepatocytes isolated in Hepatocarcinogenesis of Rats /
    최경철, 1992, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍSelenium Antagonism of Captafol-induced Toxicities on Liver and RBC Fragility in the Male Rat /
    차신우, 1992, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍStudy on Blood Chemical Values and 35 K Serum Protein in the Fatty Liver of Periparturient Holstein Cows /
    윤영민, 1992, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍEffects of Bovine Oviductal Epithelium and Its Culture Media on Development of the Early Bovine Embryos
    Derived from In Vitro Fertilization / 박종임, 1992, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍA Study on the Simultaneous Determination of Multiple Sulfonamide Residues in Milk / 심영화, 1992, (지도교수 : 이문한)
ㆍPathological and Microbiological Findings in the Pnemonic Lungs of Grower Pigs / 김재훈, 1992, (지도교수 : 박응복, 임창형)
ㆍStudies on Intrauterine Factors Influencing on Early Pregnancy in the Rabbit / 이성수, 1992, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍAn Occurence of Canine Herpesvirus Infection in Korea / 김옥진, 1992, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍEffects of Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Povidone Iodine on Wound Healing in Rabbits / 임성준, 1992, (지도교수 : 권오경)
ㆍStudies on Competitive Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) of Cortisol Using Polyclonal Antibody /
    이병권, 1992, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍMorphological Studies on Pancreatic Islet and Renal Glomerulus in Cyclophosphamide-treated NOD Mice /
    성재경, 1992, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍ Transfer of Plasmid DNA Encoding Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Synthesis of Escherichia coli 0101:K99 /
    조성준, 1992, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍ Inhibitor Effect of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Phenytoin-Induced Fetal Cleft Palate and Elevation of Maternal Serum
    Corticosterone Level / 이재권, 1992, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍ The Effect of Prostaglandin E1 on Frature Healing in Rabbits / 황성욱, 1992, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍ The Comparison of Efficacy of Glutathione S-Transferase Placental Form Positive and Iron-Resistant Lesions in the
    Detection of Hepatocarsinogens / 강경선, 1991, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of Co-culture with Granulosa Cell on In Vitro Fertilization and Cleavage of Bovine Extrafollicular Oocyte /
    신태영, 1991, (지도교수 : 황우석)
ㆍIsolatione and Characterization of Arabinofuranosyl-Thymine Resistant Mutant of Pseudorabies Virus (Korean Isolates) /
    장경옥, 1991, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍStudies on the Effects of Stress-Induced Gastric Ulcer on Gastric Carcinogensis in Rats Treated with
    N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine / 이종권, 1991, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Subcutaneous Connective Tissue Tumors in Sprague-Dawley Rats /
    서일복, 1991, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍComparative Studies on the Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mouse and in Mouse
    Primary-cultured Hepatocytes / 정상희, 1991, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍIntraosseous Phlebography for Determination of the Effect of Vitamin-D₃and Calcium Phosphate on Fractured
    Bone Healing in Rabbit / 엄기동, 1991, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍEffects of Sex Steroid Hormones on Plasma Cholinesterase and Their Isozymes in Rat / 박진봉, 1991, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍEffects of Vasopressin and Sympathomimetic Amines on the Smooth Muscle Strips of the Cattle Oesophageal Groove /
    조제열, 1991, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍStudies on the Early Detection of the Chemical Hepatocarcinogeneses in Newborn Rats / 장민열, 1991, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍQuantitative Assay of Glutathione S-Transferase Placental Form and Histopathological Examination in Preneoplastic
    Lesion of Wide Spectrum Initiation Model with Newborn Rats / 한범석, 1991, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍIsolations of Chicken Anemia Agent from Naturally Infected Chickens / 성환우, 1991, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍClinico-biochemical Study on Experimental Partial and Complete Obstruction of the Common Bile Duct in
    Korean Goats / 유라경, 1991, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍAnatomical Studies on the Cardiac Skeleton of the Korean Native Goat / 이성준, 1991, (지도교수 : 이형식)
ㆍEffects of Clonorchis sinensis Infection on Induction of Cholangiocarcinoma in Syrian Golden Hamsters
    Administered with Dimethylnitrosamine (DMN) / 이재현, 1991, (지도교수 : 박웅복)
ㆍHigh Performance Liquid Chromatographic-Fluorescene Determination of Sulfamethazine in Milk Using
    Fluorescamine / 정재하, 1991, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍ Toxic Effect of Methylcellulose on the Liver, Spleen and Kidney in the Rat Following Oral and Intravenous
    Aministrations / 송시환, 1991, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍComparison of Soluble Antigens from Leptospira interrogans Serovars by Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate-Polyacrylamide
    Gel Electrophoresis, Crossed Immunoelectrophoresis and Immunoblotting / 백영옥, 1991, (지도교수 : 미점술)
ㆍEffects of Retinoic Acid on the Growth and Differentiation of BHK and Myeloma Cells / 조일상, 1991, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍThe Effect of Liposomal Cephalexin on the Dry Period Treatment of Bovine Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis /
    신진호, 1991, (지도교수 : 한홍률)
ㆍEffects of Aloe vera on Hamtology and Blood Chemical Values of Cobalt-60 Gamma Irradiated Mice /
    신현준, 1990, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍStudies on Testis Toxicity Using DNA Labeling Method by Brdu and the Morphometric Method in Rats /
    손우찬, 1990, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍFine Needle Aspiration Biopsy for the Diagnosis of Fatty Liver in Cattle / 황범태, 1990, (지도교수 : 한홍률)
ㆍSpectrofluorometry of Sulfonamide Using Fluorescamine / 임재영, 1990, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍThe Effects of Retinoic Acid on the Growth and Metabolism of HeLa-S3 Cell / 주홍구, 1990, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍEffect of Tamoxifen on Partuition in Rats / 이국경, 1990, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍEffect of Yohimbine and 4-Aminopyridine on Gastroduodenal Transit Time in Xylazine-Pentobarbital-Anesthetized
    Dogs / 김동준, 1990, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍComparison of the Methods for Determination of Sulfamethazine in Swine Muscle / 박찬구, 1990, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍStudies on Passive Hemagglutination Test for the Detection of Pseudorabies Virus Antibody in Swine /
    황규계, 1990, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍImmunohistochemical Detection of c-myc Oncoprotein and DNA Synthetic Activity on the Preneoplastic
    Lesions in Rat Liver / 김훈택, 1990, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍStudies on Various Factors on Induction of Experimental Hepatocarcinogenesis in Sprague-Dawley Rats /
    정자영, 1990, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of Intra-articular Injection of Sodium Hyaluronate and Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan in Equine
    Degenerative Joint Disease / 김병선, 1990, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍDemonstration of Antigenic Distribution in Glasser's Disease by an Immunohistochemical Technique /
    안병우, 1990, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍThe Effect of Calcium Ion Concentrations in the Medium and the Treatment of Caffeine and Ca-ionophore
    A23187 on In Vitro Capacitation of Bull Spermatozoa / 김계성, 1990, (지도교수 : )
ㆍEffects of Sera, HEPES and Granulosa Cells Added to Culture Medium on In Vitro Maturation of Extrafollicular
    Bovine Oocytes / 허준회, 1990, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍEffect of Oral Administration of Electrolyte Solutions in Experimentally Dehydrated Sheep /
    강동묵, 1990, (지도교수 : 양일석)
ㆍElectrocardiographic Changes in Experimentally Induced Hypocalcemia and Hypercalcemia in Korean Black Goats /
    최창렬, 1990, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍThe Effect of Red Ginseng Extract on Development of Pepsinogen Isozyme 1 Decreased or Disappeared Pyloric
    Glands (PDPG) During the New Medium-Term Rat Stomach Carcinogeneicity Screening Test Initiated with
    N-Methyl-N'-Nitro-N-Nitrosoguanidine / 허경행, 1990, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStandardization of an Indirect Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for Detecting Antibodies to
    Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus / 장정호, 1989, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍNephrotoxicity Assessment by Determination of Alanine Aminopeptidase and Beta-Glucuronidase in Rat /
    신동환, 1989, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Testicular Tumors in Rats / 신재호, 1989, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍPreventive Effect of Lamprey Oil and Corn Oil on the Experimental Atherosclerosis in Rats /
    이범준, 1989, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍPathologic Findings Infected with Aujeszky's Disease Virus in the Mice / 배상호, 1989, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍ Assessment of the Effects of Ganderma lucidum Extract on the Development of Rat Liver Preneoplastic Lesions
    Studies by New Rapid Anticarcinogenicity Screening Method / 김종수, 1989, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍSedative Effects and Changes in Blood Components in Cattle Give with Detomidine / 박명호, 1989, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍThe Effects of Interferon on Myeloma Cell Membrane and Metastasis / 임종섭, 1989, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Naturally Occurring Penumonia in the Rats / 백남기, 1989, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍLevels of Plasma Progesterone, Estradion-17beta and Several Serum Chemical Components in Recipients at the
    Time of Nonsurgical Transfer of Frozen/Thawed Bovine Embryos / 이병천, 1989, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍ Effects of Stage and Quality of Embryo, Synchrony between Donor and Recipient and Difficulty of Transfer on
    Pregnancy Rate Following Non-surgical Transfer of Frozen-Thawed Bovine Embryos / 이은송, 1989, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍStudies on Viral Hemorrhagic Disease of Rabbits / 윤인중, 1989, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍNeomycin Sulfate Nephrotoxicosis in Korean Black Goats / 심원보, 1989, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍChanges of Liver Function in Korean Black Goats Dosed with Carbon Tetrachloride and 1-Naphthylisothiocyanate /
    임정식, 1989, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍBlood Typing of Korean Native Cattle and Production of Standard Antisera / 신형두, 1989, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍRelationship between Tamoxifen and Sex Steroid Hormones on Uterus and Implantation in Rat /
    한호재, 1989, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍStudies on the Effects of Azinphos-methyl Administered Orally on the Reproductive System of Rats /
    홍충만, 1989, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍEffects of Detomidine HCl on Blood Pressure and Acid-Base Status in Korean Native Goats /
    장광호, 1989, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍNephrotoxicity Assessment by Determination of Urinary Gamma-Glutamyltranspeptidase and
    N-Acetyl-betal-D-glucosaminidase in Rat / 김영호, 1989, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍIdentification of Sarcocystis cruzi and Effects of Toltrazuril and Sulfadimethoxine on Intestinal Developmental
    Stage in Dogs / 노재욱, 1989, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍUse of a Mixed Metabolic Activation System from Rat and Hamster in Salmonella Reverse Mutation Test /
    오구택, 1989, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍImmune Responses of Salmonella pullorum-Salmonella typhimurium Oil Vaccine in Chicken Spleen Observed by
    Microwave Fixed and Cryostat Sections / 박경호, 1989, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍTranstracheal Aspiration Technique in Diagnosis of Lower Respiratory Tract Disease in the Cow /
    오태호, 1989, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍEffect of Chemical Restraint Drugs on Gastroduodenal Transit Time of Barium Sulfate in Cats /
    윤정희, 1988, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍInhibitory Effects of Red Ginseng Extract on Preneoplastic Nodular Formation in the Rat Liver Observed by
    Rapid Bioassay for Carcinogenesis / 김윤배, 1988, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies ono the Immunogenicity of Salmonella pullorum Vaccines in Chickens / 권혁무, 1988, (지도교수 : 전효성)
ㆍMycoplasma pulmonis Infection in Rats : Isolation and Charaterization of the Agents, and Serodiagnosis by
    Complement Fixation Test / 박재학, 1988, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍEffects of Removal Times of Transplanted Pituitary Gland on Induction of Ovulation and Levels of Sex Steroid
    Hormones in Immature Rats / 이장헌, 1988, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍEffect of Yohimbine on Xylazine-Induced Depression of Rumen Motility in Korean Native Goats /
    황인갑, 1988, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍStudies on the Production of Reagent for Blood Grouping in Cattle and the Frequencies of L, J and Z Sytstem
    Blood Group Factors in Korean Native Cattle / 이완, 1988, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍPrevalence of Campylobacter jejuni in Broilers and Chicken Processing Plants / 오정선, 1988, (지도교수 : 신광순)
ㆍEffects of Butylated Hydroxytoluene on Paraquat-Induced Pulmonary Lesions in Rats / 안병옥, 1988, (지도교수 : 신광순)
ㆍStudies on the Effects of Capsaicin Administered Orally on the Absorption of Sulfadimethoxine from the
    Gastrointestinal Tract of Rats / 최농훈, 1988, (지도교수 : 이장락)
ㆍDetection of Plasmin-alpha2-antiplasmin Complex in Plasma after Injection of 1-Desamino-8-D-arginine
    Vasopression by Immunoblotting / 김진호, 1988, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍStudies on the Productivity and Immunogenicity of Escherichia coli Pilus Antigen / 박영호, 1988, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍDevelopment of Pneumonic Lesions Induced by Haemophilus pleuropneumoniate in the Mice /
    지용진, 1988, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍAntagonistic Effects of Intravenous and Subcutaneous Administration of Yohimbine on
    Xylazine-Induced Immobilized Dog / 서강문, 1988, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍHepatotoxicity of T-2 Toxin in Rats / 강태규, 1987, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍChanges in the Activities of Choinesterases in Plasma, Erythrocyte and Brain after Phosphamidon and
    Didisopropylfluorophosphate (DFP) Treatment in Rats / 성하정, 1987, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍStudies on Characteristics and Pathogenicity of Mycoplasma gallinarum / 정영기, 1987, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍTransfer of Plasmid DNA Encoding Hemolysin Synthesis of Escherichia coli / 김원용, 1987, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍStudies on the Pilus Productivity of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli 987 and the Incidence of 987P Antigen
    in the Isolates of Escherichia coli / 박경윤, 1987, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍPathologic Changes of Rat Liver Cells treated with Dimethylamine plus Sodium Nitrite / 이상구, 1987, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍThe Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Indomethacin on the Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis in Rats /
    김대중, 1987, (지도교수 : 이준섭)
ㆍTeratological Evaluation of Azinphos-methyl in Rat Fetuses / 조명행, 1987, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍChanges of the Electrocardiograms during Experimental Starvation in Korean Native Goats /
    김일웅, 1987, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍAnatomical Studies on Appendicular Skeleton of Korean Native Goat / 김진상, 1987, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍElectromyographic Diagnosis of Ruminal Adhesion to Abdominal Wall in Korean Native Goats /
    정종태, 1987, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍCompensatory Function of Remnant Kidney in Partially Nephrectomized Korean Black Goats - on the Seqeuntial
    Changes of Some Clinicopathological Values: / 윤찬진, 1987, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍIndocyanine Green Excretion Test in Korean Black Goats / 이성엽, 1987, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍCombination Effects of EDTA-Tris and Antibiotics on Bovine Mastitis Pathogens in Bovine Milk /
    최준표, 1987, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍSaturated Iron-binding Capacity of Iron-binding Protein in Bovine Milk / 정순욱, 1987, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Plasma Cell Tumor in the Mice / 김대용, 1987, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍA Pathological Observation on Pulmonary Mycoplasmosis in the Mice / 김달현, 1987, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Lung Tumors in the Mice / 이범섭, 1987, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Mammary Gland Tumor in the ICR Mice / 정성대, 1987, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍStudies on the Production of Porcine Leukocyte Interferon and Porcine Immune Interferon /
    태주호, 1987, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍProtective Effects of Different Methods for Vaccination of Newcastle Disease and Infectious Laryngotracheitis
    Live Virus Vaccines in Chickens / 김재홍, 1987, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍStudies on Avian Infectious Bronchitis in Korea / 한태욱, 1987, (지도교수 : 김선중)
ㆍStudies on the Propagation of Newcastle Disease Virus (B1) in Chicken Embryo Fibroblast Monolayer Culture
    Supplemented with Chicken Embryo Allantoic Fluid / 윤경진, 1987, (지도교수 : 전효성)
ㆍThe Effect of Oral Administration of Ethanol in Ethylene Glycol Intoxication in Dogs / 박철만, 1987, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍStudies on the Isolation and Characterization of Mycoplasma bovirhinis in Calves / 김철규, 1986, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍStudies on the Method of Clearing Sulfamethazine Residue in the Tissues Small Intestine of Swine Using Sodium
    Hydroxide Solution and Sodium Chloride Solution / 김의경, 1986, (지도교수 : 이장락)
ㆍPreventive Effect of beta-Glucan on the Experimental Atherosclerosis in Rats / 정의배, 1986, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍA Pathologic Observation on Spontaneous Myelogenous Leukemia in Mice / 한정희, 1986, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍAssay for Heat-Stable Enterotoxin of Escherichia coli in Newborn Mice / 최재준, 1986, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍTissue Reaction to Chromic Catgut, Polyglycolic Acid and Nylon Sutures in the Rumen Wall of Goats /
    안근승, 1986, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍIdentification of Brain Choinesterases in the Domestic Fowl by Organophosphate Inhibition Kinetics /
    이영재, 1986, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍBlood Chemical Investigations on Liver Diseases of Holstein Cattle / 이경갑, 1986, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍAnatomical Studies on Arterial Supply of the Head of the Korean Native Goat / 김대중, 1986, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍStudies on the Isolation and Characterization of Brucella abortus Isolated from Holstein Cow /
    우종태, 1986, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍStudies on Effects of LY117019 and Tamoxifen on Reproductive Organ and Implantation in Rats /
    박경식, 1986, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍEffect of Thyroid Hormone on the Electrical Activity of Rabbit Heart / 홍성근, 1986, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍEffect of Vagotomy and Damage to Medial Amygdaloid Nuclear Group on Gastric Ulceration in Rats /
    남상채, 1986, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍStudies on Characteristics of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterase in Estradiol-17beta Primed Rat Brain /
    김곤섭, 1986, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍTeratological Studies on Nitrofen in the Fetuses of Rats / 정규용, 1986, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies on Characteristics of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterase in Progesterone Primed Rat Brain /
    김기양, 1986, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍEffects of Selenium-Vitamin E Administration and Serum Mineral Levels on Incidence of Retained Fetal
    Membranes in Dairy Cows / 신상태, 1986, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍStudies on the Development of Early Embryos and the Changes of Plasma Progesterone and Estradiol-17 Levels in
    Immature Rats Superovulated by Transplantation of a Pituitary Gland / 양만표, 1986, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍThe Effect of Feeding Sodium Hydroxide-Treated Rice Straw on Certain Blood and Serum Chemical
    Values of Beef Cattle / 황의경, 1985, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍIsolation and Identification of Salmonellae and Escherichia coli from Chicken Eggs / 조동인, 1985, (지도교수 : 신광순)
ㆍInduction and Histochemical Demonstration of Benzo[a]pyrene Hydroxylase in Chick Embryo Liver and
    Fibroblast Cells / 박재찬, 1985, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍTeratogenic Effects of Diazinon and Carbachol in Chick Embryo - On the Activities of Acetylcholinesterase and
    Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases / 조준형, 1985, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍStudies on the Contaminations of Chicken Coccidia in the Broiler Farms in 1984 / 김병기, 1985, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍStudies on the Purified Isolation and Identification of Eimeria maxima, E. praecox and E. tenella in the Chicken
    Coccidia / 윤희정, 1985, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍA Pathological Study on the Gallbaldder of the Slaughter Pigs / 김정환, 1985, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍA Pathological Survey on the Porcine Polyserositis / 장동덕, 1985, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍA Pathological Study on the Gastric Ulcers of the Pigs / 엄석용, 1985, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍStudies of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Effects on Lead Poisoning in Rats / 강종구, 1985, (지도교수 : 이창우)
ㆍA Pathological Observation of Spontaneous Amyloidosis in Mice / 배종희, 1985, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍBactericidal Effects of Some Disinfectants against Staphylococcus aureus / 최정업, 1985, (지도교수 : 남치주)
ㆍPathological Study of Pigs Inoculated with Hog Cholera Virus Isolates / 진영화, 1985, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍStudies on the Use of Rabbits in Evaluation of Drug Bioavailability with Special Reference to Prednisolone /
    조흥원, 1985, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies on the Effects of Iodine Compounds on Growth and Blood Constituents in Chickens /
    박태균, 1985, (지도교수 : 신광순)
ㆍStudies on the Bacterial Contamination of Milk to Different Packages and Storage Temperatures /
    최홍근, 1985, (지도교수 : 신광순)
ㆍThe Incidence of Reproductive Disorders in Dairy Cows and Their Conception Rate after Treatment /
    김상철, 1985, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍA Study on the Prediction of Parturient Syndrome in Holstein Cows / 윤화영, 1985, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍChanges in Selected Electrolyte Concentrations in Dairy Cows with Abomasal Displacement /
    이사균, 1985, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍA Pathological Survey on the Nonsuppurative Interstitial nephritis of the Slaughter Pigs / 김대춘, 1985, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍBiochemical Study on the Venom of Agkistrodon blomhoffi brevicaudus - Especially on the Properties of Vnom
    Protease / 남명진, 1985, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍAnatomical Studies on Head Muscles of the Korean Native Goat / 이창현, 1985, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍAn Immunocytochemical Study on Vasopressinergic Neurons in Sheep by a Monoclonal Antibody /
    이봉희, 1985, (지도교수 : 이홍식)
ㆍAnatomical Study on Vagal Innervation of Ruminant Stomach of the Korean Native Goat /
    원무호, 1985, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍAnatomical Studies on Vertebral Column of Korean Native Goat / 박흥범, 1985, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍStudies on the Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of New castle Disease Virus Inactivated with Binary Ethylenimine /
    박봉균, 1985, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍEffects of Adrenalectomy and Ovariectomy on Serum Estradiol-17beta Level and Uterus in Rats /
    황광남, 1984, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍHistopathological Changes of the Hardenrian Gland of Fowl to Newcastle Disease Virus Given by the Ocular Route /
    모인필, 1984, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍStudies on Determination of Aflatoxin B1 in Feedstuffs / 박종명, 1984, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍA Study on the Embryo Transfer in Mouse / 정구보, 1984, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍExperimental Studies on the Cadmium Toxicity According to the Sexual Maturity of Testis in Rats and on the
    Preventive Effect of Zinc / 임윤규, 1984, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudy on the Establishment of Evaluating Standard for Efficacy of Anthelmintics by Field Trial /
    지차호, 1984, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍClinical Observation on Calves Preimmunized against Theileria sergenti / 김성하, 1984, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍBasic Studies on the Production of Germfree Rat by Hysterectomy / 김형진, 1984, (지도교수 : 이영순)
ㆍStudies on the Artificial Infection and the Hematological Changes with Fasciola Metacercariae in Rats /
    강승원, 1984, (지도교수 : 한홍률)
ㆍA Study on the Parasitic Helminths of Domestic Duck (Anas platyphynchos var. Domestica linnaeus) in Korea /
    엄기선, 1984, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍStudies on the Factors Influencing the Transformation in Escherichia coli with pBR322 DNA /
    유한상, 1984, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍStudies on the Possible Cause of Implantation Failure in Immature Rats Given High Doses of Pregnant Mare Serum
    Gonadotropin / 윤영원, 1984, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍSmall Intestine Transit Time of Barium Sulfate and Iodine Contrast Media in Dogs with Experimentally Induced Large
    Intestine Obstruction / 김종규, 1983, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍStudies on the Properties of Frozen Bull Semen Related to Preserving Conditions after Thawing /
    안재홍, 1983, (지도교수 : 조충호)
ㆍStudies on the Contamination of Liquid Yoghurt with Bacteria and Yeasts / 곽영로, 1983, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍA Pathological Survey on the Mycoplasmal Pneumonia of the Slaughter Pigs / 오효성, 1983, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍComparative Aanatomical Studies on Arteria Coronaria in Korean Native Goat / 윤여성, 1983, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍA Study of the Effects of Histamine, 5-Hydroxytryptamine and Their Antagonists on Implantation and
    Parturition in the Rat / 유규연, 1983, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍStudies on Characteristics of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterase in Estradiol-17beta-primed Rat Uteri /
    한창훈, 1983, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍStudies on the Activity of cAMP Phosphodiesterase and the Responsiveness to Certain Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors in
    Estradiol-17beta-primed Rat Uterus / 권순영, 1983, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍInhibitor Effects of Prostaglandin Synthetase Inhibitors on the Activity of cAMP Phosphodiesterase in
    Estradiol-17beta-treated Rat Uterus / 유판동, 1983, (지도교수 : 이장낙)
ㆍHistopathological Study on the Field Cases of Hog Cholera / 김종수, 1982, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍStudies on the Incidence of Subclinical Mastitis with Related Factors in Dairy Cattle / 김두, 1982, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍEffects of Doxapram Hydrochloride on the Sedative Action of Xylazine Hydrochloride in Goats with Carbon
    Tetrachloride Induced Liver Damage / 정광업, 1982, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍStudies on the Changes of Acid-Base Balance and Plasma Electrolytes in Goats with Experimentally Induced Pyloric
    Obstruction / 홍순호, 1982, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍEffects of Pentobarbital Sodium in Dogs with Experimentally Reduced Renal Mass / 이재현, 1982, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍStudies on the Growth and Sporulation of Avirulent Clostridium chauvoei / 강신영, 1982, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍPathological Studies on Field Cases of Marek's Disease in Chicken / 노희영, 1982, (지도교수 : 박응복)
ㆍA Comparative Anatomical Study of Plexus Brachialis in the Korean Native Goat / 양영철, 1982, (지도교수 : 이흥식)
ㆍ Effects of Intramammary Infusion of Escherichia coli Endotoxin on Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cow /
    조명래, 1981, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍExperimental Studies on Acute Copper Poisoning in the Korean Native Goats / 김철중, 1981, (지도교수 : 한홍율)
ㆍA Pathological Survey on Mastitis oof the Dairy Cows / 강부현, 1981, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍChanges of Serum Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase Values in Experimentally Induced Toxic Hepatitis,
    Obstructive Jaundice and Pancreastitis in Dogs / 승원표, 1981, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍStudies on Clinical Signs and Some Blood Chemical Values in Goats with Experimentally Induced Urethral Obstruction /
    최민철, 1981, (지도교수 : 성재기)
ㆍBactericidal Effects of Granulocyte Extract of Bovine Leukocyte on Escherichia coli / 강세종, 1981, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍStudies on Haemophilus parahaemolyticus Isolated from Lesions of Fibrinous Pleuropneumonia in Swine /
    예재길, 1981, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍAn Investigation of Sulfonamide Residues in the Uncooked Edible Tissues of Chicken being sold in Seoul Area /
    박용호, 1981, (지도교수 : 이장낙)
ㆍStudies on Induced Hypocalcemia in Goats / 임영일, 1981, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍComparative Histopathology of Porcine Pneumonia / 서진국, 1981, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍPatterns of Antibiotic Resistance, and Effects of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine and Acridine Orange on the
    Transmission of R factor of E. coli Isolated from Pigs / 김종배, 1981, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍHistological Changes of Pituitary Gland and Adrenal Gland Associated with Follicular Cyst in Korean Native Cattle /
    김용준, 1981, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍEpidemiological Studies on Fasciola Spp. in Korea / 전계식, 1980, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍThe Effect of Antibodies to Egg Yolk Extender on the Phagocytosis of Spermatozoa by Leukocytes /
    권오경, 1980, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍ Studies on Characteristics of a Mutant Hog Cholera Virus (LOM-BK-HCV) Cloned from Tissue Culture
    Attenuated Hog Cholera Virus (LOM-850 HCV) / 최창수, 1980, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍ Studies on Lymphokines Produced from Guinea Pig Lymphocyte Sensitized with Mycobacterium bovis /
    김금화, 1980, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍEffects of Indomethacin on Ovulation and Implantation in the Rabbit / 박준홍, 1979, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍ Study on the Growth of Salominella choleraesuis in Tetrathionate Strontium Chloride Broth /
    김용환, 1979, (지도교수 : 마점술)
ㆍEffect of Various Diluents for Rabbit Semen on the Survival Rate and Fertilizing Capacity of Spermatozoa /
    김명철, 1978, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍThe Effect of Anti-Bull Semen Serum on Phagocytosis of Spermatozoa by Leukocytes / 황우석, 1978, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍArterial Supply to Ovary, Uterus and Vagina of the Korean Native Goat / 김주헌, 1978, (지도교수 : 윤석봉)
ㆍImmunoserological Studies on Agkistrodon Venoms / 신광순, 1978, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍStudies on the Methylene Blue Uptake Rate of Erythrocytes in Stored Canine Blood with Acid Citrate Dextrose
    Solution for Transfusion / 김덕환, 1977, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍStudies on Methylene Blue Uptake Rate of Erythrocytes and Some Chemical Values in Holstein Cow Blood
    Stored in Acid Citrate Dextrose Solution / 권오철, 1977, (지도교수 : 최희인)
ㆍThe Effects of Amount of Iodine Solution and Elevated Temperature on the Growth of Salomonella choleraesuis in
    Tetrathionate Broth / 조상래, 1977, (지도교수 : 정길택)
ㆍStudies on Methyl green-Pyronin Staining of Peripheral Lymphocytes of Immune Rabbits / 박석기, 1976, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍEffects of Estradiol (17beta) and Progesterone on Ca++ Transport across Biological Membranes /
    하종식, 1976, (지도교수 : 권종국)
ㆍGas Chromatographic Determination of Bovine Serum Esterogens / 황대우, 1976, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍExperimental Studies on Pathogenicities and Developmental Stages of Nosma apis (Zander, 1909) /
    강영배, 1975, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍCardiac Performance of Turtle Heart in Various Hydrogen Ion Concentration / 양일석, 1975, (지도교수 : 이영소)
ㆍUrinary Physiochemical Values of Sterile Dairy Cows / 이문한, 1974, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍEffects of Skimmed Goats' Milk as a Semen Extender on the Preservation of Bull Spermatozoa /
    이효종, 1974, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍ Experimental Studies on the Detection of Salmonellae in Animal-origin Foods by means of the Direct Fluorescent
    Antibody Technique / 김무형, 1974, (지도교수 : 정길이)
ㆍArtevial Supply to the Abdominal Viscera of the Korean Native Goat / 김용근, 1974, (지도교수 : 윤석봉)
ㆍDetection of Leptospires in Experimentally Infected Mice, using Fluorescent Antibody Technique /
    석호봉, 1973, (지도교수 : 서익수)
ㆍQuantitative Studies on Separation of Estriol, Estrone, Estradiol-17beta by Paper, Thin Layer and Column
    Chromatography in Urine of Dairy Cows / 양용관, 1972, (지도교수 : 한수남)
ㆍStudies on Bacterial Flora in Infectious Mastitis Cow Milke / George S. Haley, 1972, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍEffects of the Ovarian Hormone on the REsistance of the Uterus to Bacterial Infection / 이창우, 1971, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍHistopathological Studiess on Enzootic Pasteurellosis of Domestic Rabbits in Korea / 권영방, 1969, (지도교수 : 임창향)
ㆍPathological Studies on Hepatic Ascariasis in Swine / 김상균, 1969, (지도교수 : 임창향)
ㆍ Studies on Hemagllutination Test and Skin Test for Toxoplasmosis of Swine / 서명득, 1969, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍEffects of Erythropoiesis of Unilateral and Bilateral Thyroidectomized rabbits / 장병표, 1969, (지도교수 : 이영소)
ㆍAn In Vitro Experiment on the Vermicidal Effect and Depressant Effect to Laying Ability of Bithionol, Hexachlorophene,
    Hexachloroethane and Testrachloroethylene against Euretrema Pancreaticum in Korean Cattle /
    윤영호, 1968, (지도교수 : 이창업)
ㆍModified Fecal Examination for Pancreatic Fluke / 오문유, 1968, (지도교수 : 장두환)
ㆍA Study on the Varirous Pattterns of Cervical Mucus in Non-pregnant and Pregnant Stages of Dairy Cow /
    양기천, 1967, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍStudies on the Cholinesterase Activity in Normal Blood of Korean Male Cattle / 남치주, 1967, (지도교수 : 정창국)
ㆍHistopathological Studies on Parasitic Bronchitis in Korean Cattle / 이흥식, 1967, (지도교수 : 임창순)
ㆍComparative Study on the Therapeutic Agents between Estrogen Added Antibiotics and Cortisone Added
    Anti-biotics in the Treatment of Endometritis in Dairy Cows / 전무식, 1967, (지도교수 : 오수각)
ㆍStudies on the Purification of Newcastle Disease Virus by Agar Gel Filtration / 김선중, 1967, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍA Studies on the Distribution of I131 in the Various Tissues of the Newly Hatched Chicken / 최중범, 1966, (지도교수 : 이영소)
ㆍStudies on a Simple Method of the Preparation of Anti-sheep Erythrocyces Rabbit Serum / 이영옥, 1966, (지도교수 : 윤성전)
ㆍStudies on the Modified Complement / 조현주, 1966, (지도교수 : 윤성전)
ㆍ Studies on the Production of Rabbit Antianthrax Serum for the Ascoli Test of Anthrax / 정윤섭, 1966, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍThe Myelinated Fiber Diameter Size Frequency Distribution in the Fibular Nerves of the Rabbits /
    이종태, 1965, (지도교수 : 윤석봉)
ㆍStudies on the Procomplementary Effect of Swine Serum / 이영섭, 1965, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍHisto-Pathological Studies of Fibrinous Pleuritis in the Lung of the Korean Cattle / 이준섭, 1965, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍStudies on Hemogram According to the Clinical Periods of the Canine Distemper - Variations in the Number of Red and
    White Blood Cells and the Differential Blood Count / 윤화중, 1965, (지도교수 : 임창형)
ㆍStudies on the Serological Attitude of Anti-NDV Rabbit Serum / 조종후, 1964, (지도교수 : 전윤성)
ㆍStudy on the Normal Semen Value in Korean Farm Oxen / 이강욱, 1964, (지도교수 : 이영소)
ㆍThe Effects of Pentobarbital Sodium on Various Components of the Blood in Dogs / 권종국, 1964, (지도교수 : 이용소)
ㆍThe Histological and Cytological Characteristics of Pancreatic Islets of Chickens Studied along with the Distribution and
    Size of Islets and Weight of Chicken Pancreas Versus Body Weight / 김창기, 1963, (지도교수 : 김상남)
ㆍStudy on the Diuretic Action of Three Indigenous Crude Drugs, Euphorbia Sieboldiana Hara Plantaginis Semen and
    Alismatis Rhizoma / 최희인, 1963, (지도교수 : 홍병욱)
ㆍStudies on a Hemagglutination Inhibitor in Normal Rabbit Serum against Newcastle Disease Virus /
    문영석, 1963, (지도교수 : 조병율)
ㆍStudy on Serum Ca, Mg and inorg. P Contents of Several Animals / 김대은, 1962, (지도교수 : 이기녕)
ㆍA Study on the Treatment of Canine Demodicidosis with Low Toxic Organic Phosphates / 성재기, 1961, (지도교수 : 홍병욱)
ㆍThe Incidence of Variant Form of Salmonella pullorum / 이창구, 1961, (지도교수 : 오순섭)
ㆍKlebsiella Pneumonia from Birds in Korea / 서익수, 1959, (지도교수 : 기용숙)
ㆍA Study on Newcastle Disease Vaccination : The Immunological Response to Inactivated and Attenuated
    Virus Vaccines / 정길택, 1959, (지도교수 : 조병율)
ㆍA Study on the Ovulation in the Female Rabbit / 정순동, 1959, (지도교수 : 이영소)
ㆍ Diagnostic Value of Complement-fixation Test to Canine Distemper / 조성만, 1957, (지도교수 : 홍병욱)
ㆍStudies on the Relation between Liver Function and Histopathological Changes in Bovine Hepatic Distomiasis /
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ㆍStudy of Pullorosis Therapy with Antibiotics / 김상남, 1957, (지도교수 : 오순섭)
ㆍStudies on Immunological Relationship between Br. abortus X-19 Strain and Enteric Bacteria / 김수업, 1957
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ㆍStudy on the Synthesis of Navy Blue Dye / 박민철, 1955, (지도교수 : 김동일)